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This blog is devoted to talking about liberal media from a very liberal perspective. It is not (read: not) an attack on liberal media from the alt-right. It is what I hope will serve as a necessary corrective to some of the issues discussed by liberals which might require a different point of view.

My blog is inspired by the writings of A. J. Liebling, who wrote a monthly column, 'The Wayward Press,' for The New Yorker Magazine, after serving as a foreign correspondent during World War II. I can only hope that the content of this blog will be considered to be even the slightest bit as informative and insightful compared to what Liebling wrote.

I began writing this blog at the tail-end of the Trump Administration, largely because I believe the liberal media has been an unrepentant enabler of Trump's destructive assaults on freedom of thought, freedom of belief, freedom of scientific inquiry and every other effort by the human community to practice decency and humility in all its forms.


My concern is that the liberal media has yet to evince enough understanding of how and why they have been complicit in spreading and supporting the scourge of Trump-ism. This blog will hopefully help to reverse or at least arrest that trend. 


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