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A Big Trump Rally Thins Out.

Want to start the week off with the best video of all time? Well, maybe not of all time, but certainly in the last couple of weeks.

It’s a video of a ‘huge’ group of pro-Trumpers who held a rally in front of Trump Tower yesterday and then drove out to the Bedminster club where Trump is staying and preparing for next week’s court appearance in New York.

Maybe there were 30-40 so-called ‘protestors’ standing around on 5th Avenue promoting Trump by giving the onlookers the finger or yelling some curse words at anyone taking a selfie or a video pic. Then they drove out to Trump’s golf club in Bedminster and stood around yelling and cursing again.

Trump didn’t appear anywhere near these events, although a guy who dressed up like Trump, including the orange hairdo, actually posed for pictures and mumbled a few words.

Meanwhile, the media carried a story about how Trump-o said a whole bunch of things that weren’t even remotely close to being true when he was interviewed this weekend on NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ by Kristen Welker in her debut as the replacement for Chuck Todd.

After more than eight years since Trump-o announced his first Presidential campaign, the Fake News still doesn’t understand Trump-o or his supporters at all. I’m not talking about people who voted for Trump simply because he was the GOP nominee and most people vote for one party line or the other, regardless of whose names appear on the ballot.

I’m talking about the real, die-hard fans who come out to the rallies, who march around with their MAGA flags, who tell any newscaster who sticks a microphone in their face that Trump is the ‘best President we ever had.’

People like that don’t form their political opinions after weighing all the facts. They voted for Trump-o and they support Trump-o because they ‘like’ him – it’s as simple as that.

Why do they like him? Who the fuck knows. They just do.

Facts? Analysis? Who the fuck cares?

I knew an older white guy who loved Trump. After the 2020 election, he told me with a complete lack of doubt that the reason Joe won New Hampshire was because ‘they took them up from Boston on buses to vote twice.’

He knew this for a fact, and he didn’t have to explain to me who the ‘they’ or the ‘them’ were. It was obvious, at least to him.

I know another pro-Trump guy who told me that he supported Trump because Trump had the ‘honesty’ to say that America was being threatened by all those ‘illegals’ sneaking in here from all those ‘shithole’ countries. The way he put it was that Trump was just saying what everyone else is thinking but is afraid to say.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I never thought that Haiti or Mexico were shitholes. They are countries with lots of poor people, some of whom would gladly come to the United States to get a decent job, or maybe to get on welfare, or maybe who cares why they come up here?

On the other hand, when during the 2020 campaign Joe said that if you voted for Trump, you weren’t black, he got all kinds of flack, not just from the alt-right shitheads but people on the alt-left as well. After all, how could Joe insult blacks by telling them that they couldn’t vote a certain way because of their race?

In the ‘olden’ days, political campaigns didn’t get started until December of the year before because first we had the World Series in September and then the Saturday after Thanksgiving was the Army-Navy game. I remember my aunt taking me down to Herald Square on that post-Thanksgiving Saturday and seeing a whole bunch of men standing in front of a Macy’s window watching the Army-Navy game on a little, black & white TV.

Believe me, there were more people watching that game than the number of jackoffs who came out to Bedminster this past weekend to parade around for Trump.

The only reason Trump is getting more than half the votes in those national polls is because everyone knows his name. You think anyone in Kansas ever heard of Ramaswamy? How do you think Tim Scott plays in Montana or New Mexico?

Let me just wrap things up by saying that watching the Redskins – oops! – I mean the Commanders hold off a last-minute rally by Denver yesterday was a lot more fun than listening to anything that any 2024 GOP wannabee might have said.

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