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A New 'Conservative' Manifesto.

              I think it’s entirely appropriate that I talk about the Heritage Foundation’s plan to remake the Federal Government in 2025 and stop what they refer to as ‘the long march of cultural Marxism’ on April Fools’ Day.

              Because if this plan, known as Project 25, represents the best and the brightest on the Conservative side of the political spectrum, then all I can say is that to help define how the next Trump Administration will remake the Federal Government requires an IQ on the left side of the bell curve.

              I have downloaded the entire, 885-page document and you can read it here. But I’ll save you the time and trouble by summarizing the report which is based on four basic principles which “focus on the moral and foundational challenges America faces in this moment of history:”

1.      Restore the family as the centerpiece of American life and protect our children.

2.      2. Dismantle the administrative state and return self-governance to the American people.

3.      3. Defend our nation’s sovereignty, borders, and bounty against global threats.

4.      4. Secure our God-given individual rights to live freely—what our Constitution calls “the Blessings of Liberty.

              It should be noted that for all the listing of individuals and organizations who allegedly contributed to making this document a blueprint for the strategy of another Trump Administration beginning in 1925, the entire document is a remake of a similar document, Mandate for Leadership, which the Heritage Foundation published in 1981 and created the intellectual agenda which allegedly guided Reagan’ conservative ‘revolution.’

              Parenthetically, I might note that Reagann was such a ‘revolutionary’ that he not only helped create the largest, single tax increase in American history when he doubled the payroll tax, but he did it to save Social Security, which happens to be one of those government ‘entitlements’ that the Heritage Foundation and the other alt-right toadies believe to be the most flagrant example of government overreach.

              This document lays out all kinds of remedies which need to be applied to how the various Federal agencies in the Executive branch operate, in particular, eliminating any and all operational or institutional manifestations of woke ideology as it is defined and inculcated into the government by the Deep State.

              So, we need to get rid of anything which smacks of affirmative action, or socio-economic regulations which interfere with the functioning of an economy based on liberty, freedom, and market choice.

              Funny, but what the document never mentions or even appears to understand is that the Executive Branch doesn’t exist in some kind of administrative cocoon which can somehow be isolated from the other two government branches today.

              There is not a single word in this entire treatise which says anything at all about the military and the courts, except to criticize certain judicial decisions which opened the door to the current left-wing, Soros-inspired drift, and to chastise the military for doing anything other than engaging in warfare to protect the country from all those unnamed threats.

              One of the most perceptive and brilliant points made by William Shirer in his history of the Third Reich, is the degree to which both the military and the judiciary in Germany opposed the Weimar government in the years leading up to 1933, an opposition based on conservative anger about Weimar’s deal-making with the extreme Left.

              But Weimar in 1920 wasn’t the United States in 2025. The democratic government that Hitler abolished in 1933 only came into existence in the tumultuous years directly following World War I, when the country was occupied by foreign armies which enforced a hideous reparations plan that brought the national economy to a complete and total collapse.

              There isn’t one single proposal in this entire conservative agenda that won’t be challenged in court. And American courts have a funny way of deciding issues based on laws, not based on the fear of a bunch of right-wing mobsters crashing through the security gates.

              Talking about crashing through security, Shirer makes the point that German courts went out of their way not to impose prison sentences on members of various right-wing groups which committed organized violence against the government or the Left.

              How many of those January 6th shitheads are still sitting in jail? Oh, I forgot, those are the ‘patriots’ who Trump intends to pardon next year.

              Want to compare that situation to our situation today when we have for the first time in many years an excess of exports over imports and an unemployment rate under 4%?

              Go right ahead. And while you’re at it, you can send a donation to the Hertiage Foundation. They’re suggesting a monthly gift of only a hundred bucks.

              Isn’t that the least you should pay to protect the country from Marxism and Woke?





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