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A New GOP Slate for 2024.

You may think that what I am about to say is some kind of joke or political satire but it’s really not. It’s based on the reality of current politics within the GOP and may be much more reality-based than you would ever know.

What I am going to say is this: Don’t be surprised if the next announcement of someone running for the brass ring on the GOP side in 2024 isn’t just one candidate who wants to be President and will announce a Vice Presidential running-mate sometime next year.

The next announcement is going to come from two 2024 hopefuls who will identify the entire ticket right now. And who are those two names going to be? Who else but Marjorie Taylor Greene for President and George Santos for the second slot!

And if you think I’m kidding, then you really haven’t been paying attention to what’s been going on. Because even though Trump has been committing the single, worst crime that can be committed by any politician – he’s a bore – someone in the GOP has to try and take over the MAGA brand.

And before you start telling me there’s no way that a serial liar like George Santos can remain in Congress, not only isn’t lying about where you went to school not a crime, but the word is getting around that Santos is already beginning to plan his re-election campaign for 2024!

Last week MTG and GS got together as co-sponsors on a wacko bill filed in the House which prohibits any publisher from knowingly sending any publication containing ‘sexually explicit’ content to any public school receiving federal funds (they all receive federal funds.)

That’s how it starts, okay? A co-sponsor here, a joint appearance before some crazy, anti-vaccination group there, and before you know it, the Fake News media begins talking about the ‘threat’ to democracy represented by a pair who have it all covered because she represents the dumb trailer park population in the South, and he represents the educated, urban-based population in the North.

Perfect, just friggin’ perfect.

How did we get to such a state of affairs? I’ll tell you how. We allowed the Clinton virus to remain embedded within the sinews of the blue team which gave us Donald Trump in 2016. And while Joe finally got Hillary to shut the fu*k up, you don’t erase the vestiges of that highly toxic influence overnight, or even over just a couple of years.

Trump won the 2016 election because he took three states – PA, MI, WI – by less than 2% of the total votes cast in those three states. The fact that he was able to use social media to create and maintain some fantasy about the so-called MAGA movement over the next four years, was simply a function of the strength and impact of the bully pulpit when the pulpit is located behind the Resolute desk.

The moment our team finally got rid of the Clintons and began ramping up the 2020 blue Presidential campaign, the 7% gap between Joe and Trump began to appear in all the national polls and never changed one bit.

During the 2020 campaign, Trump kept stringing out the lie about how he had put together an ‘army’ of 50,000 that was going to knock on every door and ring every doorbell in the critical, swing states. The only thing this so-called army ever did was show up in D.C. on January 6th and rummage through the Capitol swiping souvenirs off Nancy Pelosi’s desk.

So now we have the next generation of GOP joint chiefs who want to lead the MAGA troops into battle in 2024. And as far as I’m concerned, we should do everything we can to help MTG and GS wind up at the top of the heap.

Because the lesson of 2016 wasn’t lost on Joe’s campaign, namely, that the blue team can’t lose if they just make sure to get out their votes in three or four states.

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