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A Strategic Plan to Take Back 2020 for Trump.

              To celebrate last week’s jury’s decision which will turn Rudy Giuliani into a homeless person, The New Yorker published a great article about Rudy’s performance at the trial leading up to the stunning conclusion. What caught my eye was a reference to a ‘strategic communications plan’ which evidently was either developed or disseminated by Rudy to all the ‘Stop the Steal’ gang.

              So, I asked my sister who is an intrepid internet researcher and gung-ho Democrat(ic) Party operative, to find this plan, and what she came up with is a very interesting document which she found on a government website and you can download here

              But I’ll save you the trouble of reading it and begin by saying that it identifies Giuliani as head of something called the Presidential Legal Defense Team and appears to have been published and disseminated on December 27, 2020. The text talks about having 10 days until January 6th, during which time the goal is to “educate the public on the fraud numbers and inspire citizens to call upon legislators and Members of Congress to disregard the fraudulent vote count and certify the duly elected President Trump.”

              Now if this document isn’t a game plan for turning Trump’s electoral defeat into a victory, I don’t know what is. And since the document creates a timeline which ends on the date when America’s patriotic army ran through the Capitol swiping souvenirs off of Nancy Pelosi’s desk, we have to assume that it was prepared either with Trump’s approval or perhaps his direction, either or both behaviors coming under the investigative purview of Jack Smith.

              The plan is based on one basic argument, which is that “MASSIVE CORRUPTION IN THE ELECTION PROCESS LED TO A VOTE TALLY THAT IS FRAUDULENT.”

              Note the caps. Just like how Trump communicates in his Truth Social rants.

              The plan also contains a whole, big thing on voting machines, in particular all kinds of charges against Dominion which probably ended up being the nonsense which cost Fox $787 million because they no doubt used some of this content for their phony stories about voting machines sand fraud.

              What’s most interesting about the plan is a listing of all the various ‘channels’ which will be used to promote the narrative of an election ‘fraud.’ The list of likely disseminators starts with ‘Presidential tweets,’ and then goes on to mention talk radio, conservative bloggers, social media influencers, campus Republicans and others – a road map of the entire media galaxy which promotes alt-right opinions and news.

              Appended to the plan is a list of 29 social media influencers divided into ‘Big Names,’ ‘Medium,’ and ‘Small,’ with a numeric for the audience size of each influencer, beginning with Candace Owens who has a total audience of 6 million on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter, and continuing with all the other usual suspects.

              Very interesting is a comment about TikTok, which I’ll paste here in full: “TIKTOK*** WE have to use TIKTOK! !  Content goes VIRAL here like no other platform!!!!! And there are MILLIONS of Trump supporters! It would be amazing if POTUS would use the platform actually - he'd have the biggest account EVER.”

              I recall that two months before the 2020 election, Trump tried to ban TikTok over alleged security concerns. Another example of how nothing connected to Trump necessarily has anything to do with reality at all.

              I suspect there’s probably another strategy document out there which covers how the Giuliani bunch went about submitting those 60+ lawsuits to reverse the election results, legal actions which went nowhere because the whole idea of a stolen election had nowhere to go.

              If we include all the indictments issued against those great patriots who invaded the Capitol on January 6th, we have a grand total of somewhere around 1,100 people have been indicted for doing something illegal connected to getting Trump back into the White House on January 20, 2021.

              If this number doesn’t demonstrate the ability of Rudy Giuliani to plan and implement a strategy which he first announced three days after the 2020 election standing in front of a lawncare business and across the street from a porn shop in North Philly I don’t know what does.

              I’m assuming that if Trump is the GOP nominee in 2024, that after the election next year they’ll have to take out this game plan, dust it off and run it up the flagpole again.


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