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All Those Criminals Invading the USA Are Already Here.

              At least once a day I read something on the internet which is so egregiously disgusting that I am seriously tempted to just shut down my laptop and never turn it on again. I’m thinking, for example, of how the Fake News continues to report the statements Trump is now making about his religious faith as if it’s news.

              But then I wander down the digital superhighway and stumble across a website  like the one maintained by the National Academy of Sciences which posts current research and I am reminded again that: a) the internet can really be used for some very good things, and b) good government and good governance can and should go hand in hand.

              What caught my eye on the NAS website yesterday is an article which analyzes in great detail just exactly the degree of so-called ‘threat’ represented by all those terrorists, criminals and nogoodniks sneaking over the Southern border because the Democrats and the rest of the globalist Fascists want to change America from a white man’s country to something else.

              Before I go into the details of this research, however, I want to first mention an event from this past weekend when a 22-year old nursing student at the University of Georgia was found dead on the school campus, having evidently been murdered while she was out taking a jog.

              The cops arrested a guy named Jose Ibarra, who lives five minutes away from the campus, and the moment it came out that he was arrested in 2022 when he tried to come into the country at El Paso, TX, the whole GOP clamor about immigration started right up.

              Here’s the statement from none other than Mike Johnson, who will say anything to cement his shaky leadership as Speaker of the House: “The brutal murderer who took the life of Laken was one of the millions of illegal aliens that the Biden Administration simply released and unleashed upon our country.”

              Similar comments have been made by the GOP Governor of Georgia, Brian Kemp, and I’m sure we’ll get the usual riff about the Southern ‘invasion’ from Trump one of these days.

              Meanwhile, the article comparing crime rates of immigrants versus native-born Americans tells the facts about the so-called immigration ‘threat’ in a completely different way. You can download the article right here.

              The researchers, three faculty from the University of Wisconsin, analyzed comprehensive arrest data in Texas from 2012 through 2018, covering all arrests and placing the arrested persons into three groups: native-born, legal immigrants and undocumented immigrants. The source for this data is the Texas Department of Public Safety, which reports to Governor Abbott who’s busily stringing extra razor wire along the border to keep all those bad people out.

              Here is what the researchers found when looking at how many crimes were committed by members of those three groups: “The gaps between native-born citizens and undocumented immigrants are substantial: US-born citizens are over 2 times more likely to be arrested for violent crimes, 2.5 times more likely to be arrested for drug crimes, and over 4 times more likely to be arrested for property crimes.”

              If, as Donald Trump continues to claim, that it’s all those ‘shithole countries’ sending us their rapists and criminals, then the worst shithole country in that respect is the United States.

              And by the way, it’s not as if the crime rates between native-born Americans and undocumented immigrants are even close. The difference for assaults is more than twice as great, the difference for robbery is five times as much for native-born persons arrested for this crime. As for sexual assaults, the rate for native-born Americans is just slightly less than twice as high as the rate for all those rapists streaming into the USA.

              Don’t get me wrong. What happened to that young, student nurse was terrible, and if I could get away with it, I’d come down to Georgia and take out that shithead Ibarra myself.

              But the GOP has always needed some non-white population to hate, and now that it’s no longer allowable to hate blacks, they’ve come up with a new target race.

              It’s not the illegal immigrants who pose a threat – it’s the current stance of the GOP.


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