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And As Trump Continues To Impload.

Notwithstanding yesterday’s column which lamented the rise of the internet as a factor in the disappearance of real news, every once in a while, I see something online that would never be reported by so-called ‘professional news organizations’ and only get out there because individuals with access to Facebook or some other social media venue the trouble to upload the materials themselves.

One of those individuals is a resident of South Windsor, CT named Steve Wagner, who is running for re-election to the town zoning board and sent the local newspaper the picture that is posted above. He found this rather striking piece of political handiwork on his front lawn where it had replaced a Biden-Harris lawn sign, replaced the night before by persons unknown.

If the individual or individuals who now comprise the MAGA shock troops getting ready to seep their fearless leader back into the Oval Office either before or after the Presidential election in 2024, as Grandpa would say ‘gai macht,’ (read: go stick it up your ass).

Things are really beginning to fall apart in Trump-land, even if Trump himself still thinks he’s marching straight ahead. Yesterday the Republican who pushed for the audit of the Arizona election results admitted that not only did the audit find no illegal votes at all, but in Maricopa County, the new numbers gave Joe a few more votes and Trump some 200 votes less than he had before.

Trump or someone pretending to be Trump pushed out four statements on his website today, all claiming that the ‘lamestream’ media was making claims about him losing Arizona that just weren’t true. I suspect he’ll spend most of his speech in Georgia tomorrow ranting about election fraud, but I don’t think the audience really cares what he has to say. And by the way, not a single member of the GOP Congressional delegation is planning to show up.

The big guest ‘headliner’ at the Saturday event is Herschel Walker, who was the first-round draft choice in 1983 of the New Jersey Generals which, if you can’t recall, was the football team that Trump cobbled together for something called the United States Football League, which went out of business in 1985.

Walker then went on to play for Dallas (twice), Minnesota, Philadelphia, and New York, ending a 12-season NFL career with decent stats. He stayed in Dallas and did well in business and then moved back to Georgia this year to run in a 2002 Senate race, and has ben endorsed by Trump. He’s the best that Trump can dig up to join him at the rally tonight?

Meanwhile, back in D.C., Steve Bannon has just confirmed another tidbit from the forthcoming Woodward book, Peril, that he spoke with Trump and discussed ways to ‘kill the baby in the crib,’ meaning getting rid of the new Administration before Joe’s inauguration, including plans to get Pence to refuse to accept the Electoral College results when the Senate met on January 6th.

So now Bannon who was pardoned from Trump after being convicted of stealing a million bucks from a non-profit outfit that collected donations to help finish building the Mexican wall, is ready to jump off the ship. Who’s next?

I’d give anything to see that noted Constitutional scholar, Alan Dershowitz, all of a sudden decide that he is also willing to go before the House Committee investigating the January 6th riot. The committee has already subpoenaed four Trumpists, including Bannon and Staff chief Mark Meadows, to explain what they know about planning in the White House before the January 6th event. Why not add Dershowitz to that list?

Nobody except Alan Dershowitz has ever resigned from Harvard University in the 375 years since Harvard College was founded in 1636. You don’t resign from Harvard. Nobody resigns from Harvard unless they are told to resign, which is the polite way of saying, to quote Trump’s line from his reality TV show: “You’re fired.”

Why did the Harvard Corporation tell Dershowitz to clear out? Because the stench that was coming out of his law school office became too great when he got the sex-trafficker of teenage girls, Jeffrey Epstein, some yichas (read: consideration) by getting him connected to some non-teaching position on a Harvard research institute to which Epstein then donated more than $6 million bucks.

When Dershowitz went to work for Trump, he was falling right in line with other legal luminaries who have done Trump’s bidding over the years. I’m thinking of Roy Cohn, who got disbarred for stealing money out of an old lady’s escrow account and Michael Cohen who went to prison for violating campaign finance laws but was also being investigated for evading taxes in a cab service that he jointly owned with some Russian crook.

In the meantime, Trump is going down to Georgia to promote three candidates, including Walker, who will be running in a primary election early next year. I hope all three of them win. And I hope that every other candidate who Trump endorses between now and the 2022 election wins.

In fact, I am hoping that the entire 2022 GOP slate consists of candidates endorsed by Trump. Not only will they lose every, single contested election but I’m also hoping that Trump runs again in 2024. Because he may be only the second Presidential candidate to run a national campaign from jail.

Eugene Debs got over one million votes in the 1920 election but in those days being a Socialist meant something more than just helping the kiddies today get rid of their college tuition debts.

Meanwhile, I notice that the demented Joe Biden is immersed in dealing with real issues, like the intractable problem on the Southern border, the day-long foreign policy ‘crisis’ with France, or the ins and outs which always take place on The Hill when the debt ceiling has to be advanced.

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