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Another Capitol Insurrection Says MTG.

Here’s the best. Well, almost the best. Marjorie Tits Greene gets up on the House floor asks the House to censure Rashia Tlaib for the speech she gave at an ‘insurrection’ against the government which consisted of 300 totally unarmed and peaceful kids sitting down on the floor of the Capitol rotunda to protest the Israeli demolition of Gaza City last week.

Then, when the ‘insurrectionists’ refused an order from the Capitol police to disperse, they were arrested in a quiet and orderly process which meant that each of them wore a pair of handcuffs for about five minutes, gave their names and addresses to the cops, received a slip od paper telling them when to show up at the District Court to pay some small fine and then quietly dispersed and went home.

Although Tits said something about how these protestors who represent a serious threat to our government were members of some far-Left, radical group, what she failed to say was that for the most part, these folks who don’t like the way in which Israel is responding to the Hamas terror attack against Jews, also happen to be Jewish themselves.

In fact (note the use of the word ‘fact’) the insurrection was organized by Jewish Voice for Peace, a ‘leftist’ group operating in the United States and elsewhere, which has been a public advocacy effort whose basic approach is to argue against the political and social excesses of Zionism, as exemplified in the rhetoric and politics of the Netanyahu gang.

When I worked in Israel back in the late 1980’s, the government had shifted from a Socialist, Labor Party coalition which had governed the country since 1948 to a right-wing Likud coalition combining recent immigrants from Russia, Sephardic Jews from the Middle East and followers of the far-Right, ultra-Orthodox rabbinical leadership who were getting into electoral politics for the first time.

What this far-Right grouping got in return for supporting a secular government was government subsidies to build housing in what they referred to as the ‘ancient’ and ‘traditional’ Jewish lands of Samaria and Judea but which everyone else in the world refers to as the West Bank.

Voila! – We end up with the Jewish – Palestinian problem which has been going on ever since.

There has always been a left-wing, anti-Zionist element in Jewish life, many of those groupings were also involved in the support for racial civil rights in the United States. And to a certain extent, the argument which these groups make for Palestinian ‘independence’ is couched in the same ideological framework which Jews in America developed to give financial and political support to the push by Martin Luther King, Jr., and other black leaders to achieve t their Constitutional ‘rights.’

But there’s one fundamental difference between civil rights in America for African Americans and civil rights for Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank. In the United States, legal integration not only has been the goal for both whites and blacks, but it also leads to social integration as well. Remember all those suburban (and urban) neighborhoods where blacks couldn’t buy homes?

One of those neighborhoods was the neighborhood where Donald Trump was born and raised. Note the past tense as in ‘used to be’ but ‘not anymore.’

If you were to go to Israel today, you wouldn’t find a single Jew or a single Palestinian who would profess any interest in any kind of social integration between the two sides. For all the gladhanding bullshit about a ‘two-state solution,’ neither side is willing to compromise over who would be in charge of the two states.

That being said, the fact is (notice the word ‘fact’ again) that the group which got themselves arrested in the Capitol rotunda last week have about as much in common with the dopes who have been arrested, charged, convicted, and sentenced to jail time for participating in the riot on January 6th.

And now we have the latest attempt by schmucks like Tits Greene who want to pick up where Orange Shithead leaves off when he goes off to Danbury or Otisville for a couple of years. She’ll spend the next year promoting the idea that the 2024 election is between the ‘good people’ who support law and order and the ‘bad people’ who support ‘insurrectionists’ like Rashia Tlaib and all those other left-wing, Communist shits.

And when MAGA wins and takes power in 2025, the first thing we can do is take all those left-wing assholes along with all those millions of illegals coming into the country and deport them all to some shithole Third-world country, okay?

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