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Another Rat Scurries Off Trump's Ship.

So now that the price of gasoline is skyrocketing upwards, the hordes are massing on the Southern border for another assault, the taxes on the middle class are going to double, the welfare and food stamps benefits will go to anyone who doesn’t want to work, the racist, anti-White curriculum being pushed by BLM will be required in all public schools, and the country is finally beginning to realize what we let ourselves in for by not helping Trump to stop the steal.

And as one of the true intellectual giants behind the attempt to use the Constitution to keep America pure and white as the driven snow, we now learn that John Eastman, who exhorted the crowd at the January 6th rally to walk down Pennsylvania Avenue and exercise their Constitutional ‘rights,’ has decided that maybe, just maybe what he told Trump in the days leading up to the rally was completely full of shit.

Eastman is one of those right-wing guys who has been floating around the alt-right legal circuit for the last ten years or so and finally got a chance to make a name for himself by promoting the attempt to overturn Joe’s election, as well as leading an effort to ‘prove’ that Kamala wasn’t a U.S. citizen and therefore couldn’t be on the national ballot at all.

Before Eastman got up at the January 6th rally and told the crowd that voting machines contained ‘secret’ machinery which altered results, he met with Mike Pence and told the Vice President that he had the authority to reject Electoral College votes and thus push the ultimate determination of the contest into the House of Representatives. He also sent a memo to Congressman Mike Lee outlining a six-page plan to overthrow the results of the election and extend Trump’s White House lease for another four years.

Guess what? All of a sudden, Professor Eastman (although he got canned from a teaching position after news of this memo got out) has just repudiated his own memo in an interview with National Review, claiming that he was just listing various scenarios that were being discussed, even though the memo ends with the following words: “The fact is that the Constitution assigns this power to the Vice President as the ultimate arbiter. We should take all of our actions with that in mind.”

Exactly what ‘actions’ was Eastman hoping would be taken to change the 2020 vote results? According to the six-page memo, whatever actions would be necessary to make sure that Pence and not the Congress, would determine which Electoral College votes to count.

The tip-off as to what Eastman was really thinking, however, can be found in the closing section of his memo which reads as follows: “this Election was Stolen by a strategic Democrat plan to systematically flout existing election laws for partisan advantage.”

Eastman basically said the same thing again when he addressed the crowd on January 6th before they marched down to the Capitol to ‘peacefully’ urge Congress to stop the steal. Except now, when a Congressional committee with subpoena power is investigating who was responsible for planning the ‘peaceful’ demonstration on January 6th, Eastman has decided that he didn’t say what he really said.

You can’t blame him for being a legal scholar and doing what legal scholars do, namely, to review arguments about what the Constitution says and doesn’t say just to make sure that we’re all well-informed. He even quotes another Constitutional scholar, Laurence Tribe of Harvard, to back up his point of view. Except he mis-quotes what Tribe said because the Harvard faculty member did not support the idea that Pence could decide the outcome of the vote. To the contrary, this is what Tribe said: “even if every other part of Trump’s scheme were to fall into place, the plain meaning of the constitutional text on which Trump relies would not in fact send the election to the House.”

I can’t get over the fact that everyone who at some point or another worked for Trump ended up lying on his behalf. I’m particularly impressed when the lies are told by individuals who pretend to be intellectuals and scholars, not just average people shooting off their mouths.

Even the rats who scurry off a sinking ship usually know better than to admit that what they said before the ship started sinking wasn’t really what they meant to say.

Just remember next year – VOTE EARLY, VOTE OFTEN!

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1 comentario

Stephen Adams
Stephen Adams
25 oct 2021

Very good article. Wish everyone would start to contribute to Biden's campaign. We need to do everything we can to keep Democrats in office.

I don't look at the hordes who are massing on the Southern border as another assault...I look at the hordes coming to assure the democrat will remain in office.

I believe we/democrats are doing a great job for this country.

Keep up the good work and send in your money for Biden's re-election 2024!!!

Me gusta
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