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Another Trump Indictment: What Else is New?

Did I read every page of the 45-page indictment when it was posted yesterday around 5 P.M? No, I didn’t read every page. I read every page three times. And the reason I read it three times was because I didn’t believe that Trump’s attorney defended his client on CNN by saying that all Trump was doing was exercising his ‘right’ to ‘free speech.’

Ready? Here is the first sentence of the indictment’s third paragraph, right at the top of Page 2: “The defendant had a right, like every American, to speak publicly about the election and even to claim, falsely, that there had been an outcome-determinative fraud during the election and that he had won.”

So, what we have is an attorney creating a defense for his client based on what the indictment specifically says has nothing to do with the charges against the client at all.

But that’s not Trump’s biggest problem. Actually, he’s got two big problems with this indictment. Problem number one is that all those unindicted co-conspirators are unindicted because they’ve flipped. That’s not good.

But what’s worse is that Trump getting indicted is starting to become old news.

Remember the first indictment in New York? When Trump went to court to be charged you would have thought that it was like the U.S. 3rd Army marching down the Champs Ēlysées after the liberation of Paris in 1945.

With at least one and possibly two more indictments coming down, Trump is in line to commit the worst crime that any politician can commit, much worse than the crimes he allegedly committed as described in this latest indictment – i.e., he’s becoming a bore (thank you to my dear, late friend Jimmy Breslin.)

I’ll take the short odds with any of my readers that when Trump shows up on Thursday to be arraigned, the number of media reps outside the courthouse will exceed the number of MAGA supporters by far.

Of course, you can be sure that Marjorie Taylor Greene will show up, if only because Congress is still in session so she can walk over to the courthouse from Capitol Hill. But in recent days, she’s become a bore as well because even her display of public stupidity sooner or later loses its appeal.

I also find it interesting that the Fake News continues to express shock and dismay over the fact that every time Trump gets indicted, his poll numbers go up. It’s almost as if the MAGA mentality requires that Trump be given a free pass no matter what he does, right?

Is it so terribly wrong to stick with someone even if they turn out to be a bum, a crook, or worse? When I was in brokerage one of my best friends on the trading floor was accused and later convicted of doing something the SEC said was like a criminal offense. He was fired from the firm, lost his license, and ended up selling encyclopedias door to door. We still stay in touch. Why not?

ABC-News just published their best guess of the identities of the unnamed co-conspirators which, given the details in the indictment, wasn’t so difficult to figure out. The group consists of Rudy, John Eastman, Sidney Powell and Ken Chesebro, all attorneys, plus Jeffrey Clark from DOJ. The unnamed co-conspirator is identified as a ‘campaign consultant,’ which could make it Roger Stone, except that he was pardoned by Trump, so why would he need to do anything before the Grand Jury except scratch his ass and take the Fifth?

Trump is no doubt going to say that whatever he did was based on what his lawyers told him to do, so what’s the big deal? If doing what your lawyer tells you to do is a valid defense for breaking a law, there wouldn’t be a single white-collar inmate sitting in any federal jail.

As for the GOP’s official response, McCarthy has already issued a statement saying that Trump’s indictment is only more of a reason to continue digging up dirt on Hunter Biden and the whole Biden ‘crime family’ as well. Yawn, yawn, and yawn.

The real problem facing Trump isn’t the latest indictment. It’s the fact that we’re in August which means that politics now gives way to the beach. And even a big shot like Trump can’t compete with the beach.

The Georgia prosecutor has already said that they won’t be ready to indict anyone until sometime in the Fall.

In case you didn’t know it, Georgia has some of the nicest beaches on the entire East Coast.

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