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Are The January 6th Rioters Heroes? Just Ask Donald Trump.

              For all the talk about how the Supreme Court may or may not support Trump’s argument that he has immunity from being charged with crimes which he committed during his Presidential term, there’s another case that will be heard by the Supremes on April 16th which might not only impact Trump’s legal situation but will also affect how more than 300 rioters were sentenced for their behavior on January 6th.

              To make a short of a long of it, the case was brought to the courts by a retired Lt. Co. in the Air Force who was convicted of various crimes that he committed during the riot on January 6th.

              Now this guy came all the way up to D.C. from Texas because he believed and evidently still believes that Trump’s 2020 election was stolen away from him, and he backed up his beliefs by running through the Capitol and engaging in various illegal acts.

              How someone this fucking dumb gets to be a Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force is beyond me. But there he was, caught on video wearing a riot helmet, riot gear and leading the troops around on the Senate floor (see picture above.)

              This idiot didn’t ask to have his charge or conviction thrown out. He was appealing the decision of the judge in this case to give him a stiffer sentence, or what is called a ‘sentencing enhancement’ i.e., what such a conviction usually brings about on the day a defendant is told to bring his toothbrush to court.

              If the Supremes decide that this so-called ‘patriot’ needs to have his sentence reduced, the decision might also result in redoing the punishments of at least another 100 defendants who have been tried and convicted for trying to bring back democracy on January 6th.

              The decision would also play a role in maybe helping to get Trump off the hook for January 6th, which would also put a crimp in the plans of the Democrats and the RINOS to keep Trump off the ballot in various states.

              Oh well, oh well. The bottom line is that try as they might, the anti-Trump coalition is going to find themselves stuck with ol’ Joe for another four years, assuming that he does what he did in 2020, which was to kick right in his fat ass.

              Obviously, I’m no fan of Trump, but if he were to win the election in November, at lest I’d have something to write about every day. And what could be more interesting than Trump giving every January 6th shithead a free pass so that they can plan another Capital assault again?

              What I find most interesting about the excuses bandied about by the January 6th mob to explain what they did, in particular the comment I keep hearing about how they ran through the Capitol with their Confederate flags in order to ‘restore democracy’ and save the United States from becoming just another, Third-World shithole nation-state.

              Funny, but the only time this country’s democratic system is threatened is when the Democrats are control. Keep the House red, make the Senate red too, put fat-ass Trump behind the real Resolute desk and democracy will be preserved.

              This is the kind of language which permeates a political campaign if the ‘out’ Party tries to become the ‘in’ Party when unemployment is 3% and American troops are killed when their helicopter goes down during a training exercise, not during a firefight.

              And even though the GOP refers to Southern immigration as an ‘invasion’ which needs to be contained, the only reason why anyone even cares about how many poor bastards try to swim across the Rio Grande is because the Governor of Texas is a racist shithead who wants you to believe that some extra barbed wire is going to keep us safe and sound.

              Safe from what? Safe from the Covid-19 virus which Trump knew was just a little germ which he called the ‘Chinese flu?’

              All Trump ever did for four years was debase the English language and show the world that the President of the United States could be the biggest, most offensive racist of all time.

              If the Lt. Colonel from Texas wants to believe that he was going to help Donald Trump keep America from a total collapse, then to quote Grandpa, ‘a be gezunt’ (read: stick it up your ass.)





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