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Bragg Vs. Trump: What If Trump Wins?

Lemme ask you a question. Think there’s any chance that maybe, just maybe, the New York prosecutor Alvin Bragg wasn’t planning to indict Trump? Think that maybe, just maybe Trump decided to jump the gun and predict he would be indicted in order to do some quickie fundraising and move his 2024 campaign into a more active phase?

What makes me entertain such a raft of conspiracies is the ‘truth’ that Trump put up on his social media page which is a rant about how Bragg has no case and is just following the commands of George Soros and the other ‘radical left lunatics’ who are destroying the United States.

Of course, Bragg is constrained from responding to Trump’s noise, but he did send a direct response to Trump’s ass-licking House supporter, Jim Jordan (R-OH) who had earlier demanded that Bragg leave Trump alone and instead focus on prosecuting local crime.

The kid who organized the non-rally for Trump yesterday in front of the Centre Street courthouse made the same point, saying that crime in New York was ‘out of control’ because Bragg was spending all his time and efforts on going after an innocent guy named Trump.

So I checked crime stats for Manhattan last night, and it turns out that for all of 2022, crime in Manhattan went up a whole, big 4% over 2021. But that increase resulted in a change in how cops were deployed in January, with the result that 2023 crime in Manhattan is down some 7% from the same period in 2022.

Our friends at the Annenberg Center have published this great book on alt-right political messaging during and before the 2020 campaign, and they refer to the alt-right communication barrage as an ‘echo chamber’ because of the degree to which the same ideas bounce back and forth between one media outlet and another, hence magnifying the impact of same.

What bothers me is not that these social media venues are all saying the same thing. What bothers me is that what they are sharing are a bunch of simple-minded lies.

Trump stands up and says that crime is ‘out of control’ in New York. The little shit who was speaking for the Young Republicans yesterday then says the same thing, which is repeated word for word by a Congressman from Ohio who happens to be sitting on the House Judiciary Committee in Washington, D.C.

On the other hand, the fact that the pro-Trump messaging is based so much on things which aren’t true should also serve as a potent reminder that the GOP’s strategy for the 2024 is in shambles – at best.

I used to live in an apartment in Manhattan. I had a landlady named Anita whom I would call when we had a problem in the apartment like no hot water, or no heat, little things like that. Anita would answer the phone, I would say, “Hello Anita, this is Mike Weisser,” and before I could say another word she would scream, “You get nuttin!’

I would politely respond, “Anita, I haven’t asked for anything yet.”

She would shriek, “You still get nuttin!’ End of phone call.

Right now, the GOP’s attempt to organize and run a national campaign based on nothing more than opposing something called ‘woke’ and continuing the search for Hunter Biden’s laptop (as if Hunter holds any political office) reminds me of my conversations with my landlady Anita, except I’m playing the role of Anita and the GOP ain’t gettin’ what they need.

Trump says he’s not afraid of being indicted, as if he could say otherwise no matter how he feels. Do you think I should send Trump a few bucks? I’m convinced that I’ll be doing Joe a favor by keeping Trump in the race.

What I am hoping beyond hope is that a New York warrant will be delivered to Trump while he’s sitting in Palm Beach but he will refuse to go back to ‘da city’ to clear his name. This is known as ‘waiving extradition’ which could result in getting the chief executive officer of the State of Florida involved in the case.

That individual happens to be named Ron DeSantis, who has gone out of his way to avoid making any specific statements about Trump and his ex-girlfriend Stormy, but he could possibly be dragged into this shitcan now.

The two leading GOP candidates in 2024 arguing over such drek? Couldn’t happen to a nicer pair.

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