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Brandon vs. Biden: Guess Who Wins?

Earlier this week my sister sent me my birthday present, which was a Dark Brandon coffee cup which she bought from Joe’s campaign website. The website calls this mug a ‘dark roast’ mug, but everyone knows it’s really a Dark Brandon mug.

The same day that I got this gift, I was watching Fox News which I always watch because like don Corleone says, I like to keep my enemies closer than my friends. And all of a sudden I thought that somehow the TV had switched itself to CNN because there was a campaign advertisement from Joe all about how he would protect a woman’s right to choose!

What was a campaign ad from Joe doing on Fox News?

Then it got even crazier because after the next news segment, there was another campaign ad for Joe, this time featuring the same Dark Brandon picture that is on my mug.

What the fu*k is going on here?

I’ll tell you what’s going on.

The Biden campaign has decided to go after votes from the GOP contingent because they suspect, and I believe they are correct, that a lot of GOP voters are sick and tired of Donald Trump. And if you can bite off a few voters here and a few voters there, guess what? You win in 2024.

Yesterday the media was full of stories about how there was going to be extra security around the Fulton County jail because the sheriff was expecting a big demonstration when Trump showed up.

Yea, it was some big demonstration – maybe 100 schmucks at the most with their MAGA 2024 flags. A real big deal.

Back to Dark Brandon, which started as an anti-Joe thing back in 2021 when a NASCAR driver named Brandon Brown was being interviewed on NBC and the interviewer thought that a bunch of fans who were chanting ‘fu*k Joe Biden’ were actually chanting ‘Let’s go Brandon’ and the latter slogan meaning the former then stuck.

Remember Joe the Plumber who got himself noticed at an Obama campaign stop in 2008 by asking a nasty question about whether his taxes would be increased? This guy was then featured on some McCain-Palin messages and ‘Joe the Plumber’ became a catchword phrase used by the alt-right to get everyone all pissed off about the dangers posed by the liberals who were managing the Obama campaign.

So now instead of ‘Joe the Plumber’ we’ve got ‘Let’s go Brandon’ except the Democrats have usurped the message and are using it to promote Joe on Fox News and sell coffee mugs online.

Just to rub it in a little more, yesterday I received a fundraising email from Joe’s campaign, which along with a couple of text messages I get these emails every day. But the text of this email was exactly 11 words long: “I think today's a great day to give to my campaign.

That was it. No picture, no spiel, just those 11 words and a button I could hit to send in some dough (which I did.)

Then I noticed the email was sent to me at 7:50 P.M. Know what was happening at 7:50 P.M.? Trump was coming out of the Fulton County jail after being arrested, printed, posing for a mug shot, and posting bond.

What Joe’s campaign is doing is taking the standard GOP approach to campaigning and standing it on its head. Because it’s always been the GOP which tries to create its messaging by going after the opposition in personal terms.

Want the latest example? Try the stupid and unending attack on Joe’s son. You think what Hunter Biden has done with his alleged overseas deals can even begin to compare with the billions that Jared Kushner has gotten from the Saudi royal family to invest in real estate deals here, there and everywhere?

On the other hand, Kushner is small potatoes compared to Donald Trump’s mug shot which will probably wind up as the most viewed digital image of all time.

Couldn’t happen to a more deserving and photogenic guy.

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