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Bye-Bye MAGA, Bye-Bye Trump.

Want to know what I think about the January 6th Select Committee hearings? I’m getting bored. All well and good that some nice, young girl gets up there and says that Trump tried to choke his Secret Service driver because the guy wouldn’t take him up to the Capitol or that he threw a plate of food against the wall of the Oval Office dining room.

Big friggin’ deal. Orange Shithead wouldn’t surprise me no matter what he does.

When Alex Butterfield told the Watergate Select Committee about Nixon’s White House taping system, that was a big deal. Nobody knew about it, nobody expected it.

But it would be pretty hard to learn something new about Orange Shithead because his entire term in office was nothing but a reality TV show. The only time in four years that his ugly mug wasn’t on some TV news show or that stupid, raspy voice wasn’t blaring out of a telephone hook-up with one of his ass-kissing sycophants like Sean Hannity on Fox News, was the first day he was in the hospital with Covid, although for all we know that was faked too.

But the real reason the hearing is boring is not because I don’t need any more proof that when it came to planning January 6th, that Trump was completely and totally involved. The real reason I’m losing interest in the Select Committee is because to quote my dear, late friend Jimmy Breslin, Orange Shithead has committed the worst crime that any politician can ever commit, a crime even worse than trying to overturn an election. He’s become a bore.

Here’s a guy who lied his way through an entire Presidential election and is still telling the same, goddamn lie 20 months after he lost the campaign. When he showed up to sell his MAGA hats and t-shirts last week in Illinois, his lie about election ‘fraud’ was almost the first words out of his mouth.

He can’t come up with something new to complain about? Nixon had us going for months about that 18-miute gap in the tape. And I notice by the way, that even the talk about how Orange Shithead is getting ready to announce his plans for 2024 aren’t getting headlines any more.

To make matters even worse, yesterday Rudy and Andy Giuliani brought MAGA Nation to New York for the gubernatorial primary election and got their asses kicked him. They lost to a standard, mainstream POS/GOP guy from Long Island by a 2 to 1 vote. That’s not an election, it’s a washout.

And to make things even worse, POSGOP contests in other states also showed that the MAGA message is losing its appeal. In Colorado, even though AR-lover Lauren Boebert easily beat back a challenge to her seat, POS/GOP candidates for Senate, House and Governor who promoted 2020 voter ‘fraud,’ all lost their contests, even though two-thirds of Colorado POS/GOP voters still believe that Trump won against Joe.

It’s one thing when voters have to choose a candidate based on real issues like the economy, like a Pandemic, like a foreign war. But if voters don’t like what someone is saying about the issues that really affect their lives, or if voters just think that so-and-so is really a good guy, pushing this MAGA nonsense in the long run just won’t work.

Giuliani, father and son, went around New York City saying that Covid-19 mandates were wrong. Where did they think they were campaigning, Idaho or Kentucky, or some other dumb state?

What worries me about yesterday’s results in states like New York and Colorado, is that they portend a general shift of the POS/GOP back to some normal ideological stance which will make them competitive with the blue team – something I just don’t want.

On the other hand, there’s at least a 50-50 chance (thanks Paula) that Rudy will get on his podcast today and say that yesterday’s vote was ‘rigged.’

What else is he going to say? At my local convenience store the price of a gallon of gasoline has dropped 34 cents since last week.

That’s enough to make anyone keep trying to promote the Trump-MAGA brand.

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