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Can MAGA Be That Stupid?

              I’m not exactly sure how to say what I’m about to say and not sound like an arrogant, self-righteous liberal asshole, but I’ll try. I just watched brief interviews with three Trump supporters who were asked why they like Trump. You can watch this video clip right here.

              If I went to central casting and asked to be connected to three of the dumbest, most moronic adult males who live in the United States, this trio would show up.

              Can adult human beings be this fucking stupid? Can they be unable to say or think about anything which doesn’t demonstrate that they have absolutely no ability to function intellectually on a level prior to the first grade?

              It’s like these three guys have somehow learned to dress themselves, do some kind of job and get paid, and drive their cars wherever they need to go, as long as none of those activities require the use of a brain.

              And by the way, all three guys sounded pleasant. Nobody was yelling, none of them were angry, they didn’t strike me as the kind of people who would put a ‘fuck Biden’ sign on their front lawns.

              But all three of them matter-of-factly stated without the slightest degree of doubt that things have really gotten ‘bad’ since Trump was no longer in charge, and one of them knew ‘for a fact’ that the ‘government’ had started the Pandemic in order ‘to keep the people down.’

              This guy also knew that the ‘truth would come out’ about what really happened in Georgia -just wait and see!

              Meanwhile, the GoFundMe website which went up on Friday to raise money to help Trump pay his $355 million fine, has now collected $243,070 from 5,500 donors, with one guy now the ‘top donor’ who has sent in $5,000 bucks.

              The good news for those of us who have been giving money to Joe, is that Trump’s campaign raised $19.1 million between October through December of last year versus $33 million raised by Joe over the same three months. And by the way, almost $100,000 was spent by the Trump campaign for catering at -where else? – Mar-a-Lago.

              The scam just goes on but for reasons that I believe reflect the dumbness of Trump’s supporters, the MAGA crowd just doesn’t catch on.

              When I was in the eighth grade, all the students were ‘tracked’ based on classroom performance and IQ tests. My class was taught what was needed to get through the academic high school. The second class held the kids who were going to the vocational school. The third class were the kids who were going to shovel coal at the power plant or work in a factory owned by Procter and Gamble which made Ivory Snow.

              I had friends in all three grades because we ate lunch together and ran around in the playground or the school gymnasium at the same time. But once I left the grammar school and went off to the academic high school, I never really saw the kids in the other two classes again, particularly the kids in the third class who were all nice kids but happened to be dumb.

              Was it the fault of those dummies that they were on the left side of the bell curve? Of course not – that’s just the way it worked out.

              Did those kids resent the fact that they were going to spend the rest of their lives working crummy, boring, minimum-wage jobs while other kids went to college and got themselves high-paying, white collar jobs?

              This kind of resentment only began to emerge when social media gave people like Donald Trump the opportunity to pretend that to be ‘smart’ is to be liberal, anti-white and most of all, members of some kind of ‘elite’ which wants to screw everyone else.

              And this phony love affair with stupidity is what MAGA is really all about.


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