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Can Members of the GOP House Caucus Be This Dumb?

Until yesterday, I thought the POS/GOP couldn’t be represented by anyone dumber than Marjorie Taylor Greene. Well, maybe Josh Hawley runs a close second, or maybe the dumbest is Matt Gaetz.

But yesterday I learned about a new bill submitted by a moron from Georgia, Andrew Clyde, which may actually prove that he's the dumbest of them all. The bill, H.R. 8167, is titled the RETURN Act, which stands for Repealing Excise Tax on Unalienable Rights Now and calls for the abolition of the eleven percent excise tax which is collected on every gun and piece of ammunition sold in the United States.

The bill has 53 co-sponsors, all members of the House POS/GOP caucus, but 5 other co-sponsors have withdrawn their support, even though MJT, Lauren AR-15 Boebert and Matt Gaetz are still holding on.

And just in case you think that members of the POS/GOP caucus don’t understand the issues that are really important to their constituents and spend all day just shooting their mouths off about the fraudulent 2020 vote, the guy who submitted this bill happens to own a gun shop in Georgia, where he promotes in particular the sale of stocks that make assault rifles more accurate.

The point of this legislation is to stop the attempts by Democrats to ‘assault’ the 2nd Amendment by using the tax code to ‘weaponize’ access to guns and keep gun prices above the level which right now makes them affordable for the average American gun nut.

Of course, Representative Clyde and his POS/GOP buddies know that these excise taxes are sent by the federal government back to the states to support hunter education and environmental preservation, a key provision of these tax collections since the law which created these excise taxes was passed in 1932. Right now, the government collects more than $1.5 billion in these taxes each year, monies that have sustained hunting and outdoor sporting activities for the 14 million Americans who each year buy a hunting license before heading out into the woods.

Believe it or not, there’s actually a group of POS/GOP House members who call themselves the ‘2nd Amendment Caucus,’ of which none other than Lauren Boebert, the assault weapon champion from Colorado, is the co-chair. These 14 morons all signed onto this bill, even though it would cut federal dollars for hunting in half.

Now you would think that someone representing Colorado would understand the importance of these excise tax payments to support outdoor sports. And this initiative will go nowhere because of immediate opposition from such groups as the Colorado Chapter of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers which joined other hunting groups in opposing this bill.

Not that Clyde and his other stalwart, 2nd-Amendment protectors are backing down. Clyde’s office has already issued a statement accusing ‘various’ environmental groups of spreading ‘misinformation’ about the bill. And we all know that the word ‘environment’ is code for all those tree-hugging liberals and Deep State fanatics who want to take God-given ‘rights’ like the 2nd Amendment away from nice, decent, hard-working, and gun-owning American folks.

This bill and the sponsors behind it might serve as a poster child for the culture wars as we hurtle towards The Battle of Waterloo in November 2022. But in fact, what it really represents is how incredibly wealthy and stable we are as a country today.

Think about this: Where else could anyone afford to pay an annual salary of $174,000 to men and women who go to D.C. and submit these kinds of bills? This guy Clyde is as dumb as a rock and the other members of the 2nd Amendment caucus are right up there (or down there) next to him on the bell curve.

And don’t make the mistake of worrying about what will happen if the POS/GOP takes control of Congress next year. You can’t be that friggin’ stupid and get anything done besides standing in front of the Capitol and yapping about 2nd-Amendment ‘rights.’

As Grandpa would say: ‘Gai gezinta hai,’ (read: Go with God.)

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