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Can The GOP Find a New Brand to Replace MAGA?

Over the last several months I have written multiple stories in which I argue that Orange Shithead (a.k.a. OS or Donald Trump) has defined his political strategies as just another way to build his brand. But last night I watched a program about Steve Bannon on CNN and maybe I need to change my tune.

The program started off with the host saying that Bannon had provided the ‘intellectual’ contest for the ‘tens of millions’ of Americans who support MAGA and Trump. We were then treated to an interview with three women from Georgia, country-club types, who are running for the State Legislature for the first time.

All three described themselves as ‘political activists.’ All three described themselves as long-time POS/GOP types, all three described themselves as supporters of Trump. When the reporter asked them to state their positions on important issues, one mumbled something about the ‘terrible economy,’ another said something about ‘teaching the truth in schools,’ and the third idiot said something equally dumb.

But the reason that all three has decided to run for office was because they had been inspired by what Steve Bannon said on his podcasts every night. How long has they been listening to Bannon? Maybe a month.

In fact, they admitted they had never even heard of Steve Bannon until a month or so ago.

The first time this trio of dopes knew that Steve Bannon existed was this past June?

Here’s a guy, I’m talking about Bannon, who got more media coverage than anyone in Trump’s inner circle even after he was told to clear out his West Wing desk and go home. Here’s a guy who claims to be the fount of wisdom for a political movement that will win 100 new seats in the House of Representatives in November and then go about destroying the ‘globalist’ liberals and the Democrats before 2024.

How can anyone take this shit seriously? Which is a question I kept asking myself as I walked the Back 9 of my club this morning and came back to the clubhouse at net two over par.

For this morning’s round I was wearing golf shoes made by New Balance, a pair of Nike shorts and a golf shirt with my club’s logo made in China for FootJoy, which only cost $89.95. That’s $89.95 for the shirt. The shorts were $39.95, don’t ask how much I paid for the shoes.

These three brands have been around for a long time. You’ll find them in every golf pro shop and in every retail store that sells outdoor or sporting clothes. And the reason these brands last year after year is because the companies spend lots of money on advertising and, more important, come out with new designs and new fashions all the time.

Bannon doesn’t have a brand. Trump’s got the brand and his brand is beginning to wear thin. He says the exact, same thing at every one of those MAGA rallies and nobody really cares any more whether the 2020 election was stolen from him. I noticed that none of the three woman who have been so inspired by Steve Bannon even mentioned the election ‘fraud.’

You don’t build a brand just because you have a name. Nobody would remember Henry Ford’s last name if he didn’t stick the name on a car. Nobody’s going to remember MAGA unless Trump runs again in 2024.

I hope OS runs in 2024, even if it means that we have to put up with the MAGA brand on those flags and hats for a couple of more years. But on November 6th 2024, which is the day after the election, Orange Shithead will once again say that he was the victim of another steal and at that point his brand will disappear.

And the good news is that we’ll also get rid of Steve Bannon with all his bullshit and those POS/GOP ladies down in Georgia will have to find someone new to inspire them again.

Maybe they should start with Ted Cruz? He’s just come out against same-sex marriage and is obviously trying to build his brand.

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