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Can The GOP Ignore January 6th?

What really surprises me about the continued attempt by some members of the GOP to deflect blame away from the January 6th rioters is that Alex Jones hasn’t yet to put out a spiel claiming that the entire event was nothing more than a Hollywood production created by the Democrats to make sure that Trump won’t run again in 2024.

Let’s remember that Jones was the person who back in 2012 announced that the mass shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School was faked. There were 28 adults and children lying in the morgue near Newtown, CT but Jones knew ‘for a fact’ that no massacre had taken place.

So how come he hasn’t said the same thing about what happened outside and inside the Capitol last year? I’ll tell you why. Because Jones doesn’t like to share credit for his conspiracy theories with anyone else, and the Republican National Committee (RNC) is saying that the January 6th riot wasn’t a riot, but was just an example of the kind of normal discourse and discussion which occurs every day in political life.

If we accept the RNC’s argument, we then have to assume that the multiple videos showing rioters smashing windows, beating up cops, stealing government property and vandalizing Congressional offices must be some kind of make-believe effort by groups like Antifa who actually planned and executed the mass attack.

Equally crazy content came from Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) yesterday, who continued to defend the RNC, but said that the issue for the upcoming election should be to go after Joe’s handling of the economy because after all, how can the GOP lose the election as long as gasoline prices continue to rise?

I’ll tell you how they can lose. They can lose if the unemployment stays at 4 percent and the average salary grows faster than at any time in the last 25 years. McDonald’s just announced a 10 percent increase in the hourly wage at company-owned stores. Last week I bought the ‘deluxe’ chicken sandwich, fries, and a drink at McD’s for nine bucks. Nine bucks for lunch at McDonald’s? No wonder they can afford to give their hourly workers a raise.

The reason that the RNC has moved its narrative into the land of total delusion is very simple: the GOP doesn’t have a candidate who can lead the party to victory in 2024. I keep hoping (against hope) that the Republicans will find themselves forced to let Trump run again, because his comment about pardoning the January 6th rioters was almost as stupid and senseless as what was pronounced by the RNC.

What I find interesting, incidentally, is for all the talk about how the Democrats ‘stole’ the election, how come nobody in the fake news media has raised the possibility that maybe it was Trump and his gang who stole some votes? After all, the guy who really ran Trump’s 2020 campaign was Roger Stone, who in 2000 did a pretty good job of stealing some votes in Miami-Dade Counties that enabled George Bush to get into the White House.

Every time that Mike Pence or Mitch McConnell gets up there and says that Trump and the RNC were ‘wrong,’ I just want to cringe. I really don’t see why we need a Republican Party anyway because now that the Democrats are engaged in a lively debate over whether to follow Joe on the one hand, or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on the other, who cares what goes on within the ranks of the GOP?

For that matter, if the House and/or the Senate is controlled by the red team beginning in 2023, it makes the possibility of another Trump candidacy more likely in 2024.

Know what will happen if Trump runs in 2024 with a narrative about how he’s going to ‘stop the steal’ from happening again? We’ll steal another election if that’s what it takes to kick Trump’s ass for the second straight time.

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1 Comment

Stephen Adams
Stephen Adams
Feb 10, 2022

Yes, the GOP can ignore January 6th.

Now go and make a contribution to our president's re-election campaign!

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