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Can The Willard War Room Bunch Be That Dumb?

I need a little help here today because there’s something about the January 6th riot or insurrection or whatever you want to call it that I simply don’t understand.

Evidently, on the day of the assault on the Capitol, a small group of Trump’s people were in a ‘war room’ across the street from the White House at the Willard Hotel. Ostensibly, this bunch got together to organize or otherwise help put together an effort to steal back a Presidential election which had already been stolen once.

The group, which began meeting at the Willard around the time of the election, included operatives from the White House, the Trump campaign (which evidently paid for the room), staff from various alt-right media organizations (ex. One America News Network), various other social media outfits linked to the Trump campaign, and lawyers like John Eastman who fabricated the Constitutional argument to keep Trump in the White House after January 20, 2021.

You may recall that last week when Cassidy Hutchinson testified before the Committee, she made a point of saying that her boss, Trump’s staff chief Mark Meadows, was going to join the group at the Willard Hotel but she persuaded him stay away.

None of these individuals, in particular Roger Stone and Rudy Giuliani, have testified about what they did that day, or for that matter, what they did on any other day for the Trump campaign. What we do know is that once Trump decided that election ‘fraud’ was going to be the one issue on which he would run his entire campaign, every person who spent any time in the Willard war room started to say and promote the same thing.

Which brings me to the problem which I have not been able to figure out and for which I need your help. And the problem is as follows. There have been comments from time to time that Trump actually believes his own bullshit about the election being stolen from him. But what about the rest of his crew? Are the guys (and some gals) who hung out at the Willard Hotel actually willing to go to jail because they could be so dumb as to believe that nonsense as well?

Maybe Rudy’s a drunk, fine. But he’s no half-wit. He has to know that everything he’s been saying since he stood across the street from the porn shop in Philly and talked about a ‘national conspiracy’ to steal the election has to be a pile of shit.

Stone has been a player and political organizer now for more than fifty years. He’s been a consultant to some pretty smart guys. You just don’t keep playing in that league year after year if you’re so goddamn dumb.

And John Eastman may be something of a right-wing stooge these days, but you don’t get into the University of Chicago Law School and then clerk for Michael Luttig in the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals if you’re a moron. You just don’t.

Am I missing something here?

It would be one thing if what these guys and others were doing at the Willard was nothing more than having a few drinks together, maybe playing a hand or two of Five Card Stud, then going home and going to bed.

But they could all be charged with serious felonies and could all wind up cutting the grass at Butner or admiring the view from the top of the hill at Danbury for a couple of years.

And they’re not going to have Orange Shithead around to bail them out again, because even if the POS/GOP is so desperate to put OS on the ticket in 2024, he’ll lose for the second straight time.

And for all we’ll know, old OS will be in jail with the rest of them too.

They can’t be that dumb. They can’t be, right? Or maybe I’m wrong.

Please let me know.

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