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Could the Fake News Get Off Joe's Back?

As stupid as what I’m about to say may sound, I have to say it anyway. And what I have to say is that I really can’t blame the GOP for making their assault on Woke the centerpiece of their 2024 campaign.

I mean, want the fu*k else are they going to talk about? The ‘ruinous’ inflation which even with high gasoline prices is 3.3%, which happens to be considerably less than the current 4.3% wage growth rate?

And the job numbers are terrible too. Nonfarm payrolls only increased by 187,000 jobs last month, which happens to be 20% higher than the monthly average for the previous three months and is 87,000 more than the number of new jobs required to keep up with the increase in the size of the working-age population.

No wonder the Dollar General store where I buy food for the cats didn’t have anyone at the register this morning. The sign said, ‘use your credit card and scan your items here.’

Meanwhile, even though Joe and his team have scored a big hit with how they’ve refashioned the GOP’s Brandon trope, they don’t seem to be doing as well when it comes to punching holes in the ‘Bidenomics’ put-down being broadcast by Trump, DeSantis and the rest of the 2024 wannabe gang.

And make no mistake about it, Trump-o is now just another 2024 Presidential candidate who will find his lead in the polls continuing to slip as more of the weaker GOP contestants begin to pull out the way that Frank Suarez pulled out this past week.

Meanwhile, Trump-o and the rest of the GOP shitheads are trying their best to fashion an attack on Joe’s economic numbers, with Trump-o defining Bidenomics as “inflation, taxation submission and failure.”

This statement is about as reality-based as everything else that Trump-o says, but he’s getting plenty of help in promoting this nonsense from the Fake News media and press.

That’s right. That’s what I said. Joe’s not only running against the GOP next year, but also against the so-called ‘progressive’ wing of the Democrat(ic) Party. Although he keeps saying he’s not going to go after the blue team’s nomination again this year, the so-called socialist (he’s about as much of a socialist as my cat Leonard is a socialist) Bernie Sanders is playing the usual trick of having some surrogates say what he would otherwise say.

Here's a statement from Nina Turner, one of the Sanders noisemakers in 2020: “There’s no amount of branding that is going to change the fact that people’s dollars are not going as far as they once were able to, that people are suffering in this country,”

She reminds me of a woman I know who runs a ‘birthing center’ in a town near me where a live guitarist strums some quiet music to keep everyone relaxed as the new child is delivered and immediately dipped into a tub of warm water to ease the baby’s transition into the cruel world. Then the placenta is cooked up in some natural, organic juices and everyone gets a bite to eat.

Anyway, I met this woman about a month before the 2008 election and she was wearing a big, Obama sign. When I politely declined her offer to give me an Obama button she said, “You have to vote for Obama. We’ve suffered so much under Bush!”

She suffered so much. This woman wouldn’t have known what suffering meant to anyone who was really suffering in 2008, the same way that Nina Turner knows as much about human suffering today.

But the Fake News has finally begun to realize that Trump is beginning to wear thin, so they need another target to keep up their clicks. And now that Biden’s age doesn’t seem to have yet produced the lapses being suffered by McConnell every couple of days, there’s got to be another way to keep the CNN and MS-NBC viewing numbers up where the advertisers want them to be.

Last night I watched the CNN News from 5 P.M. to 6 P.M. In the 60-minute show I counted 26 minutes of ads. And almost all the ads were for various, non-prescription ‘remedies’ which allegedly provide cures for old age, including a pill which makes your memory work better and a machine which you attach to your feet to give you better circulation in your legs.

In other words, for all the talk about how younger people are having difficulty finding jobs or buying homes, the Fake News audience is still comprised primarily of all of us old farts. And old farts like to sit around and complain.

Maybe Joe would get more positive coverage from the Fake News if he would stop smiling and start telling us how bad things have been.

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