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Did Trump Try to Overthrow the United States?

Yesterday I was listening to one of the AM shock jocks and this schmuck was still carrying on about how and why we didn’t need to be vaccinated and it occurred to me that if Trump gets any kind of legacy at all, it will probably be that he tried to demonize Anthony response to Covid-19.

Of course, my liberal friends would much prefer that Trump be remembered and maybe even jailed for having tried to overthrow the Government of the United States. But I have now read the complete report of the January 6th Select Committee twice, the two volumes of Cassidy Hutchinson’s ‘bombshell’ testimony once and now a long and very detailed article in The New York Times Magazine (thanks Steve) about how the Committee’s hearings were organized and produced, and I am still waiting to read one single, fu*king word which links Donald Trump directly or even indirectly to the behavior of that bunch who rioted in and around the Capitol on January 6th.

Maybe those jerks who charged into the Capitol with their MAGA flags and wanted to hang Mike Pence really believed they were doing what Trump wanted them to do. And maybe this is why they travelled a thousand, or two thousand or even three thousand miles to get to Washington, D.C. And maybe they even paid some exorbitant rate to stay overnight in Trump’s hotel. And maybe they even stashed some guns and ammunition in the trunks of their cars because they knew that bringing a gun into Washington, D.C. will get you arrested and jailed by that same government which you are trying to overthrow.

And maybe, maybe, maybe, and maybe. In other words, not one, goddamn shred of proof in any of these documents which even hints at what Donald Trump may have or could have done to foment or direct the mob’s behavior on that fateful and terrible day.

And make no mistake about it. To see those assholes trashing Nancy Pelosi’s office was terrible. To see them beating up on some poor, unfortunate Capitol cop who happened to be standing in their way was terrible. To see some asshole waving his MAGA flag inside the Senate Chamber while another asshole was screaming out some White Nationalist prayer was terrible.

But I’ll say it again and I’ll keep saying it no matter how many times the Fake News claims otherwise – even if Trump knew the whole idea about election ‘fraud’ was a big, fat lie, he didn’t break one, single law by promoting this false idea every day, and he didn’t foment any kind of ‘insurrection’ at all just because he lied again and again in the days, hours and minutes leading up to January 6th.

Look at what happened this week in New York where a guy who has just been elected to a seat in the House of Representatives turns out to have invented a complete resume, including where he allegedly graduated from college (he didn’t), where he worked (he didn’t), where he owned income-producing properties (he didn’t), and how he was born a Jew (he wasn’t.)

Now maybe this guy really is so stupid that he believes by admitting he ‘embellished' his resume, the whole problem will disappear and go away. But even if the GOP caucus votes to expel him from Congress before or after he takes his seat, he still can’t be prosecuted for telling all those lies, unless it turns out that lying allowed him to take someone else’s money and stick it in his pocket or use the dough to buy himself a new car.

But that’s the beauty of the way we pay for elections. Someone gives your campaign a donation, you register that donation with the Federal Election Commission, you use that money to produce a TV advertisement and pay a network for running your ad, and the ad can say just about anything you want it to say.

That’s called your 1st-Amendment ‘right.’ And even if what you said was a complete and total lie, whether it was about your alleged attendance at Baruch College, or the alleged stealing of votes in some swing state, so what?

When Trump rants about how the liberal Marxists hate him, he happens to be correct. When he says the Deep State and George Soros conspired to destroy his Presidency, he’s telling it like it is.

But these feelings about Trump didn’t come out of thin air. They came out after he fu*ked up Charlottesville, after he fu*ked up George Floyd, after he completely and totally fu*ked up Covid-19, and after he couldn’t man up and just admit that he lost to Joe.

Want Trump’s legacy? As Grandpa would say, ‘vishshtugedacht’ (read: he’s no goddamn good.)

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