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Do Political Campaigns Ever End?

After I posted this morning’s column, I received an email from my sister who said, “These must be the dog day of Summer because you have nothing to write about.”

And she’s right. I really don’t have anything to write about because nothing’s going on except the drip-drip-drip of Trump’s various legal battles and even that stuff is becoming a bore.

If things continue to go the way they have been going of late, I don’t care how lousy his poll numbers are, Joe will get elected to a second term.

Why do I say that? Because it seems to be the case that there’s a regime change when the incumbent regime screws things up, and right now there’s nothing that Joe can screw up because nothing’s going on.

The border? Heard anything lately about the border?

How about the ‘ruinous’ inflation? Some ruin.

Woke? Who cares about woke?

Oh, I forgot. There’s Ukraine and now there’s some Russian with an unpronounceable name who is going to throw Putin out, or Putin’s going to throw him out, or da da da and da.

This morning, the AM Rush Limbaugh wannabee talked about how Joe was ‘falling apart’ because he said something stupid or silly in a comment he made last night. When Eisenhower was President and mis-pronounced something in every press conference, such as warning about the threat of ‘nucleic war,’ nobody said he was suffering from Alzheimer’s because Alzheimer’s didn’t exist.

Alzheimer’s existed in the days before the condition had a proper name. But you didn’t accuse the President of demented behavior because the way we talked about political figures back then is not the way we talk about them now. And by the way, nobody’s going to make up their mind how to vote next year because Hunter Biden is a crook or isn’t a crook. Remember Jimmy Carter’s brother Billy, the one who briefly did TV ads promoting something called ‘Billy Beer?’

The GOP is so desperate to come up with something, anything they can use against Joe that when he made a joke about selling state secrets to the Prime Minister of India, that moronic Marjorie Taylor Greene, ran a video of his comment except she deleted Joe’s statement about how it was only a joke, and she also had to delete the laughter which was the response of the India PM and everyone else who heard what Joe said.

This is what politics have come to in the dog days of Summer 2023, and I suspect this will be the dialog that will carry over into the Fall. This year the World Series is scheduled to begin on October 27th, and if a seventh game is needed, it will be played on November 4.

In the olden days, political campaigns got serious after the World Series was played, but these days political campaigns seem to go on year-round.

Maybe what we should do is pass a law that would prohibit political ads on media except for a month or two before the day when voters cast their votes. We don’t have final figures yet, but political advertising in 2022 amounted to at least $9.6 billion.

So, if you think we’re about to stop the GOP from telling us that Joe is too demented to be given another four years, don’t hold your breath. You might turn blue.

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