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Do Race and Politics Mix?

Is there a connection between the racial makeup of a particular state and whether that state votes red or votes blue? You would assume this to be the case, since so much of Orange Shithead’s political stance was racially-based. And since we keep being told that by 2030 the United States population, racially-speaking, will be less than 50% White, shouldn’t we be able to see the handwriting on the wall in terms election returns?

After all, isn’t this the reason Orange Shithead made such a big deal about border security in his two Presidential campaigns? Wasn’t he basically saying that by letting all these Brown-skinned people in from the South we were just giving the Democrats vote they didn’t deserve?

And yet when I look at a racial breakdown of our state-by-state population, this argument actually doesn’t work. In fact, for all the talk about how America is polarized on issues such as race, the racial profile versus the political alignment of the 50 states doesn’t seem to have any connection at all. Ready?

Here’s a map which shows which party controls the legislature in every state:

And here’s a map which shows percentage of White versus non-White residents in all 50 states:

Now you would think that the states with the highest percentage of non-White residents would be the states controlled by the blue team. But that’s not close to being true. In fact, the Deep South states which are almost tipping non-White (LA, MS, AL, GA) are all solidly red.

Maybe it’s the other way around. Maybe the states which are close to being majority non-White are where Whites feel most threatened, so they turn out to vote for the red team in order to keep things under control. But if Deep South states, as well as states like NC are becoming increasingly non-White, how come the non-White population doesn’t turn out on Election Day and seize control?

Actually, back in 2020, they did. Orange Shithead won all those red states in 2020, just as he won them in 2016. But, and it’s a very important but, for all his bluster and bullshit about how he received more votes than any incumbent President ever received, the gap between red and blue vote totals in all those states was 10% less than it was in 2016. If this trend continues for the next two or three election cycles….

I lived in South Carolina for two elections – 1976 and 1980. In both elections, you would have thought the candidates running on the POS/GOP line were running against Democrats in Washington, D.C., not against Democrats in their own state. One night I went to a big, POS/GOP election rally and I thought it was at a meeting of the Klan. Strom Thurmond got up and told the crowd they were defending their state against – ready? – agents sent down from HUD! Except he pronounced it ‘hood.’ He really did.

Now South Carolina has a Black Senator, Tim Scott, who happens to be about as pro-life and anti-abortion as you can get. He’s also a Republican in a state which was the first state to secede from the Union after a Republican named Abraham Lincoln was elected President in 1860 and just before he took office in 1861.

When General Sherman and his army got to Columbia, SC on their way to Atlanta, Lincoln received a message from Sherman who said that if his troops weren’t allowed to burn and raze Columbia to the ground, they might mutiny and refuse to fight further.

Think Ukraine looks bad? This is what Columbia looked like after Sherman and his troops left town:

So now the cradle of the Confederacy sends an African-American to sit with the POS/GOP Senate caucus in Washington, D.C.

Is the country really divided on the basis of race?


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