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Do We Get Any Facts on the Internet?

              Yesterday, one of the many self-appointed experts on the liberal blogosphere (I’ll spare you his name) posted a column warning us for the 250th time about the impending apocalypse that will surely occur if Trump loses the election come November 5th.

              This message of doom was provoked by a survey which found that 25% of the so-called ‘nationally representative’ respondents still believed that the 2020 election was a rigged affair. Which means that Trump will be able to command a huge army that will take up arms on his behalf.

              Now the fact that virtually every one of those election naysayers voted for the guy who lost, somehow seems to have escaped the purview of the liberal echo-chamber denizen who wants us to believe that the 2024 election could be the very last time that any of us ever exercise our franchise again.

              But if I had voted for Trump and then someone called me and asked if I thought the election outcome had been fair and square, why wouldn’t I say that I believed Trump had been robbed?

              You see, that’s the problem with an electoral process in which only two parties are involved. Either you win or you lose, and to quite Grandpa, ‘fartig,’ (read: that’s it.)

              In parliamentary systems, even if your party doesn’t get the most votes, there’s still a good chance that the party you voted for will be invited to join a coalition with some other parties in order to run things until the next election comes around.

              But we are the only democracy in the entire world (I think) which eschews parliamentary government in favor of a winner-take-all approach, and don’t indulge yourself into believing about the importance of these so-called ‘third’ parties like the Libertarians or the Greens.

              As for that phony Socialist from Vermont named Bern, I notice how he holds meetings of the Socialist caucus whenever Congress convenes.

              I just received the monthly report from the Bureau of Economic Analysis which shows that the GDP and just about every other economic index covering personal income increased last month and the trade imbalance between exports versus imports actually decreased. So, for all the talk about how voters believe that Trump can be trusted more than Biden to manage the country’s economic affairs, the actual economic data shows this argument not to be true.

              But when you have liberal pundits stoking up fears about the Fascist revanche that will occur if Trump returns to the Oval Office in 2025, why should anyone base anything they believe on something as outdated and old fashioned as facts?

              If there’s one thing above every other thing which bothers me about the digital universe, it’s the degree to which we seem to have lost the ability to consider what we know or what we think we know based on our own ability to do some serious thinking and searching to determine what’s true and what’s not true.

              Sorry, but the so-called ‘interactivity’ of the digital environment may allow any and all of us to let everyone else know what we think or what we believe, but to quote Grandpa again, ‘vir vais?’ (read: so what?)

              Know what’s going to happen if Trump steals the 2024 election which I think might happen if only because his gang has probably learned from the mistakes they made trying to steal the 2020 election returns?

              What will happen is that Trump will spend the next four years selling his sneakers, his bibles, and autographed copies of the documents he stole from the White House which the FBI missed when they did their Mar-a-Lago search.

              Because what we still don’t seem to understand is that Trump’s not a Fascist or an authoritarian or whatever other label the liberal blogosphere wants to hang around his neck.

              Trump’s a guy who will continue to do what he’s always done, which is to get something made as cheap as possible in China or Mexico and then peddle it here for the highest possible price.

              Sneakers manufactured in China for $16 bucks are being sold by Trump over here for $399.95?

              You don’t screw around with a market like that by declaring martial law.

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