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Do We Really Need To Heal America?

Since I can no longer look at the Twitter feeds from Trump, this morning I decided to look at the tweets of his ‘personal’ attorney, Rudy Giuliani. His Twitter has a link to a YouTube video entitled ‘What Really Happened on January 6th’ but it’s been deleted, so that’s the end of that.

I was particularly interested in seeing how Rudy was describing the Capitol Hill riot because in the speech he gave to all the patriots gathered at the Ellipse, he said that what was needed was a ‘trial by combat’ in order to make a final judgement on election fraud.

He also said that he would stake his ‘professional reputation’ on the ‘fact’ that Dominion Voting Machines had been rigged to report fraudulent votes. Giuliani still has a ‘professional’ reputation? Who’s kidding whom?

The best thing that could have happened to the alt-right media last week was the banning of Trump from Facebook and Twitter, along with a rigorous policing of YouTube and other digital venues being used to communicate between the various alt-right gangs. I watched at least six talk shows on Fox over the weekend, and you would never know that there had been any disturbance around the Capitol at all.

Every show featured one or more talking heads decrying the assault not on the Congress but on free speech. Not one of these shows had a single video of the events in and around the Capitol, even though videos of the ‘insurrection’ were playing constantly and continuously on CNN.

To me, what was a more flagrant attack on free speech was the decision by Marriott, Citigroup and Blue Cross – Blue Shield to stop donating to the political campaigns of any Member of Congress who voted against certifying the Electoral College results.

So what if Josh Hawley gave the demonstrators a clenched fist salute as they streamed past on their way to save and protect the American dream? So what if Ted Cruz condemned the violence but still wants ‘clear evidence’ that no voter fraud occurred? Guys like Hawley and Cruz are paid to shoot off their mouths. How can you censor anything they say?

But you can censor them and get companies like Citibank and Marriott to back you up if the opposition to Trump is a combination of far-left radicals, internet corporate titans and opinion-makers employed by the Deep State. Even the First lady, Melania Trump, got into the act this morning with a statement asking all Americans to stop the violence, come together to heal the country, and never make assumptions based on the color of a person’s skin or use differing political ideologies as a basis for aggression and viciousness.

Except the violence wasn’t committed by any and all Americans, it was committed by a very specific group of individuals who came to D.C. at the invitation of her husband and were told by her husband to march on the Capitol and set things right. Melania’s heart goes out to Ashli Babbitt, a 35-year-old Air Force veteran who was killed as she broke into the Capitol. But Babbitt was only trying to bring us all together and begin the healing process, right?

Four days after the Ohio National Guard opened up and shot four students demonstrating against the Viet Nam at Kent State, Richard Nixon went to the Lincoln Memorial and engaged in a brief debate with protestors who were camped out at the site. He then returned to the White House and held a press conference about the event.

Nothing Nixon said at either of those appearances changed the government’s policy in Viet Nam. But I recall both of these events very well and the one thing I didn’t hear him say was some maudlin, saccharine nonsense about how we had to ‘come together’ and ‘heal our wounds.’

If the best Trump can do is shlep his wife out to make a statement deploring the violence no matter when or where it occurs, then I’m not going to be worried about his First Amendment ‘rights.’

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