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Does It Matter Whether Trump Knows What He's Talking About?

Remember how after Trump’s inauguration in 2017 he announced that the crowd was the largest that ever came to an inaugural event? Well, he’s at it again.

After the rally at Pickens, SC this past weekend, Trump said that more than 75,000 people showed up. The cops put the attendance at around 15,000.

How many times did Trump say something that wasn’t true while he was President? On average, 21 times every day.

But to give credit where credit is due, maybe we need to first understand what the word ‘lie’ actually means and whether we are using it properly as regards the behavior of Donald Trump.

As far as I know, the word ‘lie’ means that you know or believe something to be true and consciously say something else. You knew that you ran that red light but then you told the cop giving you a citation that the light was green.

I’m not so sure that Trump is lying when he says that he knows the 2020 election was rigged. He may actually really believe that he got screwed out of a second term. Even though it was Lincoln who freed the slaves, Trump may actually believe that he has done more for blacks than any other President because minority employment during his administration went up.

You may think I’m being sarcastic by not recognizing that Trump’s bombastic braggadocio is nothing more than a clever media strategy to build an image of himself, but the truth is that someone can be accomplished in one field of endeavor and be dumb as shit in everything else. For all we know, when Trump said that he had done more for the blacks than any previous President had ever done, why should we assume that he even knew that there had been something called the Emancipation Proclamation?

Think I’m kidding? I’m not.

The best corporate manager I ever worked for was a guy who went to state college in Vermont, then did a tour in the U.S. Navy and was responsible for the maintenance of weapons systems on a warship. He then joined this particular corporation which was a Fortune-100 company in financial services, and ended up as head of IT, one step below the company CEO.

He knew I was Jewish and at one point told me that he and his wife were thinking of going on a tour of the ‘Holy Land’ which he assumed a knew because, after all, I was Jewish, and he knew that all Jews were born in Israel! I didn’t have the heart to correct him, okay?

Give you a better story. Remember Jack Welch? He was the CEO of General Electric and transformed what was a floundering company whose dishwashers and other home appliances couldn’t compete with the Japanese. He turned the company into a leasing operation and GE went from almost going out of business back to the top of the corporate heap.

Welch was considered perhaps the most innovative and smart corporate CEO until he retired in 2001. He was then hired by CNN to sit on one of those nightly panel shows and offer opinions about politics and business that were making the news.

He lasted exactly one week. That’s how stupid he sounded when it came to talking about anything except the kinds of business issues which he had dealt with over the course of his working life.

If Trump had been a corporate manager who didn’t have tenure for the four years of his elected term, he probably would have been shit-canned right out of the company for saying the things he routinely said.

And the only reason he still gets away with his endless lies, distortions and misstatements is because if he sounded like every other candidate running to grab the brass ring in 2024, he wouldn’t get 75,000 or whatever audience number he’ll invent at a rally he’s holding in Council Bluffs, IA this coming Friday night.

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