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Does It Really Matter If Biden Falls Asleep?

              Yesterday, the leading mouthpiece for the Fake News, The (failing) New York Times, ran a long editorial on the 2024 Presidentlal race, which basically said that Joe had to do more not only to convince voters that he still had the energy to manage the government for another four years, but could also demonstrate his ability “to put the country back on track over the next four years.”

              Put the country ‘back on track?’

              What the fuck are they talking about? What ‘wrong track?’

              Now, maybe I’m just too old and too out of touch with things in the social media age, but I still believe there are two basic issues which need to be addressed in order to figure out which track the country is on: whether we are fighting a war, and whether everyone has a job.

              Am I missing something here? Is there something about current-day politics that I just don’t get?

              The last time there was a story about some troopers getting killed, it happened to be five Marines whose helo crashed in Southern California while they were on a training flight. The previous week there was a terrorist attack in Jordan which killed three American troops.

              When you have soldiers sitting around in more than 1,000 encampments both here and abroad, there will always be a few unfortunate deaths. That’s not a war, okay?

              As for the economy, even the economic ‘experts’ who work for the GOP admit that waiting around for a big recession before the election is a strategy that simply won’t work.

              Meanwhile, all you ever hear about is how much everything costs, right? Prices are so high that nobody can afford to go into stores and buy anything at all, which is why the online sale numbers racked up on Black Friday ($9.12 billion) set an all-time record last year, and digital sales account for less than 20% of what Americans spent by going into shopping malls that day.

              As for the ‘ruinous’ inflation, have you read one story from the Fake News which happens to mention that when you pump a couple of extra trillion dollars into the economy so that the poorer half of the population can get enough to eat during a Pandemic, the wealthier half of the population will see a bit more of their hard-earned dollars going to pay for all those appetizing processed foods they yank off the supermarket shelves?

              When Donald Trump was in the White House, until the Pandemic forced him to appoint his schmucky son-in-law to take the place of Anthony Fauci and come up with a so-called ‘plan,’ things had never been better, okay?

              The minorities all had jobs, the Mexicans were going to pay for that fucking wall, we didn’t need to worry about global warming because there was no global warming, and as for all those kids killing themselves by opioid overdoses, we were taking care of that problem too.

              It’s amazing how quickly the country sunk back into a miserable state of affairs after the phony 2020 Presidential votes came in. Everything that Trump had achieved after 2016 went down the toilet in just a couple of weeks.

              And now what we have is a national political party whose top 2024 candidate is three times more popular within the GOP than his closest opponent, and he is still promoting the idea that his 2020 loss was a fake.

              Know what? The more I think about it, the more I really wish that Joe’s people had stolen all those votes and I hope they are out there planning to steal them again. For that matter, as far as I’m concerned, if all the phony votes are counted on November 5th and Joe swipes another one, he can celebrate his fraudulent victory by pretending to be the 21st-Century version of Rip Van Winkle and going to sleep.

              Because the truth is that with a national unemployment rate of less than 4%, and a squadron of F-35 jets sitting in an Air Force base about ten miles from my house, never mind the new B-21 bomber (see picture above) which is going to replace the B-1, this country needs a loud macher (read: big deal) in the Oval Office like I need another hole in my head.

              I like the fact that Joe doesn’t sit up all night sending out those stupid tweets. I like the fact that Joe didn’t sit for the so-called ‘traditional’ interview prior to the Super Bowl. I love how in America anything which has been happening for the last 20 years (George H. W. Bush gave the first Super Bowl interview in 2004) becomes a ‘traditional’ event.

              But when you’re a communications industry which makes its revenue by letting a racist blowhard like Donald Trump give interviews in which not a single real question is ever asked, you want to make sure that the other side gets ‘equal time.’

              We don’t need Joe to say another word or appear in public again before November 5th. We have my sister and her Democrat(ic) GOTV friends (running around today on Long Island for Tom Suozzi) who will figure out a way to steal and/or dump the necessary votes.





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