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Does MAGA Have a Future?

Yesterday I couldn’t do my daily, one mile walk outside because it was raining. So, I walked up and down every aisle at the local Wal Mart, which is more than a mile. At one point, I walked past a stack of flat-screen, 55-inch TVs priced at $249. That’s some inflation, right?

Yea, yea, I know about how nobody can afford to buy food because prices are so high. I also know how the price of gasoline at the pump is going through the roof.

I was living in South Carolina in 1977 when a gallon of gasoline hit a buck. Know what a buck in 1977 would be today? Try $5.04.

After I walked out of Wal Mart, I decided to have my breakfast at a Panera outlet on the other side of the parking lot. A 12-ounce coffee (free refills) and an orange scone (this week’s specialty baked good) cost me $8 and change. There were two empty booths in the whole store.

If I had been in a hurry I could have gone through the window at McDonald’s where they were just switching from the breakfast to the lunch menu. The Big Mac with fries is also priced around eight bucks.

I don’t live in Manhattan’s trendy Upper West Side. I don’t live in one of those fancy burbs outside of Washington, D.C. I live in crummy, old Western Massachusetts where you can still rent a nice, two-bedroom apartment with off-street parking for $850 a month.

And by the way, the local mini-mart chain is still advertising for drivers to deliver gasoline to their local outlets with a starting salary of $94,000 plus bennies. What are the requirements for this job? A CDL, no felony convictions and pass a drug test. Note that a high school diploma isn’t on the list.

No wonder the local AM shock jock was going on and on about how this country’s no longer ‘great’ because men are no longer just men and women are no longer just women. According to him, there’s this ‘tiny minority’ of people who can’t decide whether they are male or female, but they get all the attention on the nightly fake news.

Now you’d think that the day after P01135809 showed up to be given his jailbird number at Fulton County, that the loudmouth on AM radio would be ranting and raving about how and why the Fulton County indictment is so unfair. But even the alt-right media is getting sick of P01135809.

When P01135809 first started calling Jack Smith ‘deranged’ it got a lot of notice, kind of like the notices he first got when he changed Hilary’s name from Hilary to Crooked Hilary. I notice that he now refers to Joe as ‘crooked Biden’ but nobody cares.

And by the way, once those trials kick off, P01135809 can’t say one word about what’s going on inside the courtroom unless he’s ready to spend some time at Butner, Otisville or Danbury before his real jail term begins.

But I’m beginning to think that maybe P01135809 has already started planning where and how he’s going to get locked up because I can just see his nightly Twitter or Truth Social feeds advertised as coming ‘direct from jail.’

And if you think the sale of P01135809’s mugshot is doing well right now, just wait until you start seeing the new MAGA flag fluttering from the back of every F-150 truck.

There’s a story floating around that Jared Kushner is having problems trying to figure out how to invest the 2 billion he has gotten from his Saudi friends. So, here’s my idea and I’m giving it to Jared with no strings attached.

What he needs to do is rent a retail space in every shopping mall and open a MAGA store. The store could have a clothing department, a home furnishings space, a poster and decorations collection and some video tapes teaching viewers how to use the MAGA brand to make a million bucks.

The tapes would feature lectures delivered by Jared’s father-in-law and will promote the sale of some more drek which carries the MAGA brand.

And when P01135809 is released from his rent-free studio apartment at one of the federal government’s residential locations, he can go around and make personal appearances at all his MAGA stores.

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