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Does the GOP's Concern About 'Election Integrity' Mean Anything?

              So, my sister who is an attorney, just sent me a feed from X-Twitter about the new legal team that has been installed at the RNC. And the two lawyers – Charlie Spies and Christina Bobb – hold completely contrary views on whether the 2020 election was honest and fair.

              Spies, who has been around D.C. for more than twenty years, was booed lustily at the 2021 CPAC meeting when he said there was no evidence that voting machines were rigged. Two years ago, at a hearing of the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability, which was considering a new voting procedure for the District of Columbia that would allegedly ensure a fair vote, Spies spoke at length about the need for ‘election integrity’ but in recounting multiple instances where ballots were lost or misplaced, somehow the issue of voting machines never was addressed.

              I suspect the fact that Dominion Voting Systems won a $787 million defamation lawsuit against Fox over the way that Fox claimed Dominion’s voting machinery was rigged against Trump was a good enough reason for Spies to go before a GOP-controlled House Committee in 2023 and talk about voter integrity but somehow forget what he said about the issue which got him verbally assaulted at the CPAC meeting in 2021.

              As for the new RNC co-counsel, Christina Bobb, she has been a consistent voice pushing the idea that the 2020 election was replete with endless fraud. She not only worked for the Trump campaign, she also wrote a book entitled Stealing Your Vote: The Inside Story of the 2020 Election and What It Means for 2024 and continued to push this nonsense as a frequent commentator on the One America News network, which has never met an alt-right conspiracy theory that it didn’t like.

              In other words, we now have the GOP posturing itself as the guardian of honesty at the American ballot box, even though the two attorneys who will staff a new RNC effort known as the ‘Election Integrity Division’ have both distinguished themselves by becoming legal handmaidens of the voting ‘fraud’ issue which continues to be a central point of concern for the guy who right now appears to be nominated as the GOP Presidential candidate for 2024.

              I happen to think that Trump’s continued whining about how right now he should be completing his second Presidential campaign is the best thing that Biden could have going for the success of his campaign.

              Why do I say this? Because in last week’s Quinnipiac poll, when respondents were asked how they felt about 10 different issues which might determine which way they would vote, the issue of ‘election integrity’ or ‘fair elections’ or however else you might want to describe something which Trump keeps complaining about didn’t even make the list.

              Back in 1982-84 I was Press Officer for the New York State Assembly, reporting to the Democratic Assembly leadership, chief among them being the Speaker, Stanley Fink. If Stanley had not died several years later from a too-early battle with cancer, I’m sure he would have gone on to be Governor, at the very least.

              At one point in early 1983, I remarked that Mario Cuomo, who was just starting his first term as Governor, seemed to be in good shape. To which Speaker Fink laughed and said, “Yea, that’s because nobody’s leaning on him – yet.”

              Know what? Until last week when Joe kicked off his 2024 campaign with his SOTU speech, nobody’s been leaning on Trump. Because when all is said and done, the only person who’s comments about any politician really matter is the person who will be that politician’s competition the next time around.

              Now there’s someone leaning on Trump and if he continues to define himself as the victim of 2020 election ‘fraud,’ the 2024 election will be over before the campaign even begins.

              So, I hope the new RNC Election Integrity Division works day and night to insure the 2024 vote is fair. And I also hope that Trump remembers to give himself credit for making sure that Americans enjoy an honest vote.

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