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Does Trump Have Anything New To Say? Nope.

Remember the ‘People’s Convoy?’ Don’t feel defensive if you don’t. Because nobody remembers it, even the members of the convoy which closed itself down over the weekend and now everybody’s hit the road.

This bunch of morons showed up about three weeks ago, parked their trucks in Hagerstown, MD, then spent a few hours every day driving and honking their horns on the I-95 Beltway around D.C.

Exactly what they were going to accomplish in D.C. other than meeting with Ted Cruz, who will show up at any right-wing gathering to remind people that he’s going to be around in 2024, was never made very clear. The convoy started out as a protest against Covid-19 mandates, but the whole Pandemic issue has faded since the Russians invaded Ukraine.

I hate to keep coming back to Trump, but the convoy’s leader says he’s planning to come back to D.C. because he and the other truckers still have a “job to do.” Except he never explained exactly what particular job he was planning to do.

And if you listened to Trump’s Saturday night speech in Georgia, it contained plenty of profanity as well as insulting comments towards RINO Republicans and Socialist-Communist Democrats, but he had nothing specific to say. What should we do in Ukraine? It’s a ‘bad situation’ according to Trump. What should we do about global warming? Trump told the crowd that he ‘loves clean water.”

That’s how you protect the environment? By loving it?

No wonder according to media on the scene, the audience was far smaller in size than previous Trump rallies in Georgia and elsewhere. The picture above was taken in the direction that Trump pointed when he said that the crowd was so big that it stretched as far as the “eye could see.”

One of the journalists who covers Trump made the point that his supporters tend to be ‘obsessive victims,’ and this is certainly the narrative that Trump employs every time he opens his mouth. Nobody has ever been treated as badly as he has been treated by a) the media; b) the Socialist-Communist Democrats, and most of all; c) RINO Republicans. And given what he accomplished in just one term, he and his supporters have every right to feel victimized all over the place.

The only problem with this nonsense is that it didn’t get Trump elected in 2016. He won that contest by flipping three blue states – Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin – by 1/10th of one percent of the total votes cast in those three states, aided by the fact that Hillary basically stopped campaigning after Labor Day.

The only reason that most Republicans buy into the idea of election ‘fraud’ in 2020 is because they voted for the guy who lost. If Trump had won in 2020 but still complained about voter fraud, nobody would care.

Remember the Presidential Commission that Trump created in 2017 to investigate the voter fraud which allegedly cost him the popular vote? Remember how many fraudulent votes the Commission found before it was disbanded eight months after it first met? That’s right. As Grandpa would say, ‘gurnisht’ (read: zero, none, zilch.)

Trump’s biggest problem in trying to hang around is that he’s old meat. Frankly, I’m amazed that he still bothers to whine about how the election was stolen from him but, on the other hand, what else can he say to fill up the time at one of his events?

Trump’s biggest problem is that after he gets done listing everything that has gone wrong over the last 15 months, his only strategy to fix the mess is to wait around until 2024 and get elected again. He doesn’t even like most of the Republicans who are on the ballot for later this year.

So, if Trump doesn’t have a plan for how to ‘finish the job’ he started in 2017, why would we expect the People’s Convoy to have any better ideas?

We don’t. Which is why they’re on their way home.

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