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Does Trump Need the GOP?

I don’t want to venture a guess as to his identity, but the GOP leader who arranged the Mar-a-Lago dinner between Trump and Fuentes got what he wanted in spades. And what he wanted was a way the GOP leadership could finally get rid of Trump and get serious about preparing for 2024.

On the other hand, by cutting Trump loose from any connection to the GOP, what now becomes a real possibility, and I don’t see anyone saying what I’m about to say, is that Trump will convert the MAGA movement into a legal, organized political party and compete as the nominee of the MAGA Party in 2024.

Let’s not forget that Trump literally owns MAGA in every sense of the word. He invented the slogan and its abbreviation. He copyrighted it, he puts a buck in his pocket when anyone buys a MAGA flag, a MAGA hat or a MAGA shirt. There may be all kinds of people out there who claim to believe in MAGA, but there’s only one person in the entire United States who can say that he actually can decide all by himself whether the 2024 ballot will contain a line for MAGA candidates or not.

Now if that isn’t what autocracy American style is all about, I don’t know what is. All Trump has to do is send a letter to the Federal Election Commission stating that he has incorporated MAGA and has formed a committee to be in charge of the organization’s financial affairs. The committee can consist of him all by himself.

Then he needs to get people in every state to gather enough signatures on a nominating petition to get listed on the ballot. The specific process varies from state to state, but if you pay some people to stand in front of Wal Mart with your petitions on a couple of Saturday afternoons, I guarantee you’ll meet that state’s requirements for getting on the ballot for the election in 2024.

Trump made some comments about leaving the GOP before his second impeachment, but he was just looking for more GOP Congressional support before the trial began. In mid-November, the polls showed that most GOP voters still thought that MAGA and the GOP were still one and the same thing.

That was then, this is now. And after the blistering that Trump has received following his sit-down with those two putzes last week, I suspect that any poll measuring the presence of MAGA within the GOP would show a big change. And let’s not forget that the moment Ron DeSantis, Ted Cruz and maybe a couple of other Republicans officially enter the 2024 race, Trump will really begin to fade.

And if someone else jumps into an early lead in the primaries and begins to pull away like Trump pulled away in 2016, the first thing the guy will do is get on the telephone, call Trump, and tell him to shut the f*ck up. This scenario assumes, of course, that Trump has somehow avoided being indicted in Georgia, New York, D.C., or some other state for what he did before, during or after January 6th.

And let’s go a little further and assume that Trump is indicted and convicted and is now either waiting to be sentenced or has already pulled off his orange mop because you can’t wear a false hairdo at Butner or any other location which happens to be a federal pen.

If the MAGA Party was on the ballot in all 50 states, jailbird Trump could still get elected President, or at least make a respectable showing and then begin planning the campaign that either he or his dumb son can run in 2028.

Think none of this could happen? Think I’m just fooling around to fill up some digital space? Think again.

The Republican and Democrat(ic) parties have been around for nearly two hundred years and in terms of structure and legal underpinnings, little has changed. But the world has changed, particularly the part of the world which Trump used brilliantly to organize and manage his 2016 campaign.

Ready for the tip-off? Let’s see whether Truth Social becomes MAGA Social, okay?

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