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Donald Trump vs. Taylor Swift: Who Wins?

              You would think that the last thing Trump has to worry about is Taylor Swift. But the digital echo-chamber is filled with stories about how Trump’s gang is going nuts over the looming possibility that Taylor will endorse Biden – again. She endorsed him in 2020 but she wasn’t quite the name that she is now.

              For all Trump’s talks about how he gets these so-called ‘huge’ crowds at his rallies, he’d give his eyeteeth to get the kinds of crowds that Taylor draws. And when one of Trump’s favorite ass-kissers, Sean Hannity, goes on a rage about Taylor not backing Trump, he gets dumped on by lots of folks who actually take the trouble to read what he says on Twitter-X.

              The reason that the Trump noise machine is all pissed off about Taylor is that when it comes to Trump’s Presidential campaign, the ground is beginning to shift under their feet. The verdict in the Carroll case is in, other trials followed by other guilty verdicts are about to begin.

              And guess what? For all Trump’s whining about how those indictments and felony charges are the handiwork of the Deep State, most Americans actually go along with the idea that you can usually trust a decision made by a jury of your peers.

              Or let’s put it this way, if you want to continue to believe that Trump is nothing other than a really good guy who’s standing up for the average, hard-working American patriot, then you’ll find yourself increasingly out on a very precarious limb.

              I know I’ve said it before, but repetition is the key both to good teaching and opinion-making, so I’ll say it again. Trump won the 2016 election because he flipped several states by less than 1 percent of the total votes cast in those states, which happened to be states where Hillary didn’t bother to appear after Labor Day which is when campaigns are won or lost.

              Let me break the news to you gently, okay? The only reason that Trump ever got any attention was because he knows how to play the Fake Media’s unquenchable thirst for ratings against itself.

              But Taylor Swift fills arenas with adoring fans because she’s a lot better looking than Donald Trump and she also knows how to sing.

              To this day, Hillary has never explained why she disappeared from the campaign trail when she was needed out there most of all. She also hasn’t ever explained why it took her nearly four friggin’ months to say anything about that goddamn mail server sitting in her living, meanwhile Trump made this issue the centerpiece of his campaign.

              Before this year, Trump has been involved in 3 other campaigns, and in every, single one his presence has made a difference – a negative difference, so to speak. He ran around the country in 2018 saying that the election was a plebiscite on him, and the GOP lost control of the Hill. He got clobbered in 2020 and the Democrats lost the off-year election in 2022 by the smallest margin of any off-year vote.

              Now we’re in 2024 and what the polls really show is that Joe is just now beginning to campaign. Granted, his age and his lack of concern for media connections will make it a tough race, but let’s look at a couple of issues which are beginning to bubble up on the other side.

              To begin, the GOP House majority is a mess, with more fighting between members of the same party than any pushback being made by the GOP against the other side. If the special election to fill the seat vacated by the expulsion of George Santos goes to a member of the blue team (although the Democrats are doing their best to screw that one up) then, effectively speaking, the GOP House majority disappears.

              As for Trump and his MAGA nation, that PR stunt finally seems to be going away. The latest goof is something called ‘God’s Army’ which is a convoy of trucks headed from Virginia to the Texas border to protect us from all those illegal and criminal elements trying to sneak into America from the other side.

              Meanwhile, the prediction of a thousand trucks seems to be short by some 975 or so, and the entire convoy now appears to be mired in a lot of arguing over where they are going to go and what they are going to do.

              As for all those red-blooded, January 6th patriots languishing in jails and house arrests who Trump claims he will pardon once he returns to the Oval Office in 2025, they’re all still sitting in jail or in front of various Grand Juries where they are providing evidence against other red-blooded Americans who charged up the Capitol steps.

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