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Enough With Trump!

I’m not only getting bored with Trump because he says the same, goddamn thing every day; I’m also getting bored with writing about Trump, because I end up writing the same, goddamn thing every day.

So, unless something really crazy happens involving Trump, let this be the last column I write about him for at least a week.

In that regard, I’ll sum up what I know about him, as well as making some judgements about what other people say about this guy.

First of all, Trump’s an asshole. We all know that. And what I mean by calling him an asshole is that he doesn’t really know how fuck*ng dumb he sounds. That’s because like lots of people who run a successful business, he makes the mistake of believing that knowing how to build a nice condo tower means he knows about anything else.

And successful business guys also frequently make the mistake of surrounding themselves with people who are dumber than they are, because if nothing else, when one of your plans screws up, you want to make sure that you can blame the fu*k-up on someone else.

Think of the people around Trump – Giuliani? Sidney Powell? That schmuck Bannon? Dumb asses all of them.

The idea that this bunch could plan a conspiracy to overturn a national election can best be described by quoting John le Carré: “Very few conspiracies survive contact with reality.” The January 6th conspiracy sure didn’t.

Trump’s also a hardcore racist. But that’s understandable because he was born and raised in a section of Queens where other than rooting for the hapless Jets, the only thing people worry about is keeping the ‘element’ from buying houses on the north side of Jamaica Avenue.

The biggest knock against Trump, however, is that with all his schlock possessions, the country clubs, the apartments, the airplane, he’s a cheap bastard without any class. This guy wouldn’t know how to write a check to some charity if his life depended on it, which is funny considering that the main pavilion at Jamaica Hospital bears his father’s name.

The real problem with the 2024 election, however, is that none of the GOP Presidential candidates, or at least the candidates with any chance of surviving even the early primaries have any class. I didn’t vote for George W. Bush in 2000 or 2004, and he sure fucked things up in Iraq in 2005, but this is a guy with class.

I’ll say the same thing about McCain in 2008 and Romney in 2012. If either of them had won their electoral bids I would have been pissed off, but I would have survived. What Donald Trump has managed to do in the last eight years is bring down the level of public behavior within the GOP to his level, which is about even with the bottom of my kitchen garbage can.

I know a couple of decent but not overly bright guys who support Trump. They tell me they like him because he’s an ‘authentic’ type. The first time I heard the word ‘authentic’ being applied to a candidate was when the GOP noise machine was desperately trying to find something, anything positive to say about Sarah Palin. Remember her?

I am increasingly convinced that the role of President should be more ceremonial and less managerial if only because the federal agencies which comprise the executive branch seem to roll along doing what they do without needing any real help. My social security check arrives every month on time, the I.R.S. accepts my 1040 online and then routinely sends me a corrected return and a bill for what I still owe. Every food item has a label giving me the calorie count, and the United States is still the only country in the world where I can drink the tap water in the toilet of any gas station from coast to coast.

Well, maybe there are a few toilets in New Jersey where you have to watch out. But what can you expect from the Garden State?

In any case, I’m kind of an average guy, so if I’m sick of Donald Trump, probably just about everyone else is sick of him too. Ignoring stories about him for a week is something maybe all of us should do.

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2 comentários

I'm a male age 60 and joined the Marine Corps during Reagan. I've voted Republican and Democrat. My boys are young (14 and 17), so they only know Republican as Trump. But I tell them previous Republican presidents/candidates (Bush, McCain, Romney) were not that bad. Like Mike said, "I would have been pissed off, but I would have survived."

But Trump 2024? We are doomed.


10 de ago. de 2023

Trump is authentic in one way. He is an authentic asshole.

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