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Fox v. Dominion: They Can't Be That Dumb.

Like everyone else who isn’t a fool or an unquestioning believer in the GOP (which is one and the same thing), I have been following the goings-on between FOX and Dominion in a state of disbelief.

I’m not saying that the management of FOX were both stupid and blind, but how could anyone with the slightest degree of human intelligence not have realized that the whole attempt by Trump and his people to sell the idea of election ‘fraud’ was nothing but a complete and total scam?

Are the true results of an election sometimes not what they appear to be? Of course. Things screw up. People screw up. Machines break down. Which is why there’s usually a period of time between when the voting ends and the official results are published for everyone to see.

And if after an election is called for one side or the other, the losing side can always ask for a recount, and if things still appear to be a little screwy, so you go into court.

But I have been a political junkie since the Kennedy-Nixon election in 1960, and I have voted in every Presidential election and followed every Presidential campaign since 1968. And if I have learned one thing from closely following sixteen national campaigns over sixty years, is that sooner or later, someone’s going to talk.

Why are they going to talk? Because we are human beings, and as human beings we all love to talk. And because we all love to talk, if someone does something he or she wasn’t supposed to do, sooner or later it’ll come out.

How do you think the cops solve crimes? If they show up and the dope who committed the crime is still standing there – fine. They slap on the cuffs, bang his head against the side of the cruiser so that he understands his so-called ‘rights,’ and the case has been solved.

But if the idiot who committed the crime has enough sense to take off before the cops appear, then what happens is that nobody saw ‘nuttin,’ and then the cops go back to the station and wait for a ‘tip.’

And sooner or later, the phone rings, someone whispers something about not giving their name, but they give the cops another name and they also usually tell the cops where this other name can be found. Voila! – Case closed and solved.

The day after the election, Rudy Giuliani got up across the street from a porno shop in Philadelphia and said there had been a ‘national’ conspiracy to steal the election from Donald Trump.

Now how many people does it take to pull off a ‘national’ conspiracy in a country as big as the United States? Two hundred? Five hundred? Maybe a thousand? And not one of these individuals said one, friggin’ word about how they helped rig the results of an election in which at least 150 million people voted from then until now?

Maybe I just don’t get it. Maybe I still think I’m watching Walter Cronkite or Edward R. Murrow when I turn on my television to watch the national news. But I always thought that the whole point of calling yourself a ‘news organization’ was to report the news. And the news usually consists of what actually happened or what someone says actually happened.

But if a news program bases a story on what someone said rather than what may actually be seen or heard, then the only ‘news’ is what that person said, not whether anything he or she said is actually true.

FOX happens to be the only national news network which has come along since I was a kid. And I don’t think you build a multimedia network as large and as successful as FOX without at least a couple of men and women who know how to use their brains.

But somehow, don’t ask me how, those brains all shut down when it came to reporting what happened before, on and after Tuesday, November 3, 2020.

Were they all smoking dope or did Trump promise them some big prize after his second term began?

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