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General Trump Takes Command of the Army of Virginia

I can just see it now. General Trump leading the Army of Virginia in the next civil war.

He said it in his speech in Iowa Saturday night. The country is coming apart at the seams. Everything’s in a state of collapse. Unless Trump comes back and reverses that phony election, we’re headed for another civil war.

People came from all over the Midwest to hear Trump proclaim that the end is near. Which only tells you how much these Midwesterners have to do on a Saturday night.

Now you would think that with thousands of diehard supporters cheering him on, that Trump would set up a booth where able-bodied men and women could enlist in the Army of the Virginia, or maybe he’ll call it the Army of the MAGA, or maybe he’ll call it the Trump Army to give it a little flair.

But whatever he decides to call the military force that will fight the next civil war, you can bet your bottom dollar that the best, the brightest, the strongest and the biggest will all line up, pledge the oath and get ready to take the country back to where it belongs.

A CNN reporter interviewed several of the wannabe recruits who showed up at the Iowa rally to answer the call. The first interview was with two teenage boys who between them couldn’t really answer any questions because they were giggling so hard. The second interview was with a woman in her mid-40’s, and while I am not a clinical psychologist by any means, by the time she repeated “we’re not going to take it any more” for the third or fourth time, you knew she was out of her mind.

Incidentally, it wasn’t really clear exactly what was the ‘it’ that this woman couldn’t take any more. Is ‘it’ all those terrorists being airlifted into the United States from Afghanistan? Is ‘it’ all those women who want to be able to decide for themselves whether to give birth to a fetus in their womb? Is ‘it’ all those liberal teachers who are trying to sneak a curriculum into the classroom that’s been written by the BLM?

Whatever the ‘it’ is, unless we get rid of ‘it’ right now, we are definitely headed for a civil war. And if the CNN reporter who interviewed this trio at the Iowa rally believes they represent anything other then what Grandpa used to call ‘meshuginah chayas,’ (read: crazy fools) then this reporter has what we used to call sh*t for brains as well.

I gotta tell you something and I mean this in the best and most positive way. The only thing that has been worse than what Trump has said over the last five years is how the liberal media, the so-called ‘mainstream’ media, has reacted to his pronouncements as if they deserve to be covered at all.

I could see a newsworthy story coming out of Iowa Saturday night if, for example, they were expecting thousands of people and nobody showed up. I could also understand that the media might want to say something about the Iowa event if Trump had actually announced that he was going to run in 2024.

But to give the slightest coverage to the exact, same pile of verbal bullsh*t that Trump has been dishing out in more than 250 public rallies over the last five years is to basically say that you’re not out there to report the news. You’re out there to put together some hokey piece of video because you have to find some way to fill up 24 hours of broadcast time every, single day.

It could be worse. Imagine if Joe and his team hadn’t figured out how to steal all those ballots in Pennsylvania, Arizona, Michigan and few other states, we might have Trump talking about ‘saving’ the country without having to start up a civil war.

As long as he’s no longer President, I’ll let Trump believe whatever he wants to believe. What the hell, for the first 18 months or so after the Second Battle of Bull Run, Robert E. Lee never imagined he would wind up at Appomattox Courthouse on the losing side.

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