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Giuliani Was America's Mayor, Now He's America's Rat.

Until yesterday, Michael Cohen held the dubious honor of being the Number One rat in Donald Trump’s world, having been described that way by Trump after Cohen started testifying in 2018 about Trump’s alleged violation of campaign finance laws.

But now Cohen may wind up as a second-string rat because the top rat rung may end up being occupied by Rudy Giuliani, who may have no choice but to spill the beans now that he’s been indicted in the Georgia case.

It’s not the indictment that’s the problem for Rudy. It’s the fact that he’s broke and can’t pay his legal bills.

Evidently, Rudy and his attorney had a meeting with Trump at Mar-a-Lago recently where Rudy asked Trump to fork over some cash to cover some of Rudy’s mounting legal costs. And Trump being Trump, of course he refused.

Rudy became Rudy when he indicted those Wall Street scammers and the five Mafia kingpins in New York. He used both initiatives to promote himself, inventing among other things the famous ‘perp walk.’

For all his talk about how he knows RICO better than anyone else, somewhere around you can dig up not only the list of all the financial guys Rudy indicted, but also a list of all the financial guys he indicted whose indictments were thrown out. The latter list is substantially longer than the former list, by the way.

I am now convinced that Rudy’s decision to spearhead the Trump campaign to overturn the 2020 election had some kind of financial angle that would have put money into Rudy’s pocket if the effort to get Trump back into the White House had worked. The scheme was kicked off at that loony press conference Rudy held in Philadelphia across the street from a porn shop four days after the national vote, at which time Rudy announced that a ‘national conspiracy’ had been working to steal the election for Joe.

This wasn’t the only time Rudy pretended to be working for Trump when in fact, what he was really doing was carving out a piece of gelt for himself. Remember his trip to Ukraine which was explained as some kind of ‘fact-finding’ mission for his client?

The official story is that Rudy was offered a $200,000 consulting contract to help the government figure out where certain monies paid to certain members of the Ukraine government actually ended up, a contract that Rudy turned down. In fact, what Rudy was really doing in Ukraine was floating around trying to set up interviews for a documentary about the Bidens that would play in various alt-right theaters during the 2020 campaign.

Rudy’s just been sued by a couple of California investors who claim they gave him $300,000 to finance this film which was never made. Recall that Rudy’s good buddy Steve Bannon has been convicted of pocketing a million bucks from a phony charity that was allegedly going to finish building the Mexican wall.

Trump seems to be attracted to guys who go to work for him when in fact they spend most of their time working for themselves. Maybe that’s the reason why Trump has refused to help Giuliani pay his legal bills because after all, Rudy’s was an investor in the Trump Presidency, and when you invest money, you either win or you lose.

God knows Trump has lost enough money in crummy deals over the years, so why shouldn’t Rudy take the hit as well?

Last night Rudy did a YouTube podcast explaining why there’s nothing in the Georgia indictment which indicates that he did anything wrong. He claims that his attempts to persuade various public officials about the reasons why the election was stolen were nothing more than an attorney trying to make the ‘best deal’ for his client.

That’s all well and good except an attorney can’t make a presentation for his client by using information he knows to be false. And Giuliani has admitted that he not only has been using information from various social media websites without having the faintest idea whether the information is true or false, but he doesn’t even remember the names of the websites.

What we have here is a guy who is desperate to keep himself from being convicted for hatching a scheme which was a direct attempt to defraud the people who voted for Joe Biden to have their votes counted in a proper and legal way.

And to keep himself out of jail, I guarantee you that Giuliani, to quote Trump, will turn into a rat. How else do you think that Giuliani got all those indictments in New York?

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