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Go Joe, Go!

I just sent Joe a hundred bucks and made it a recurring monthly give. You can do it too.

And don’t tell me how you don’t have a few bucks to send Joe. How much did you pay for the latte at Starbucks this morning?

The last time I remember someone losing two Presidential elections was Adlai Stevenson in 1952 and 1956. He was running against a genuine war hero who never said anything that pissed anyone off. Eisenhower made endless verbal gaffes, like warning about the dangers of ‘nucleic war,’ But people liked him. His campaign slogan – ‘I Like Ike’ – really fit.

Meanwhile, nobody really likes Trump. He won in 2016 because the voters liked her even less. But Trump isn’t in the 2024 race because he wants to win. He’s a candidate because politics has become a way for him to build his brand. Let’s not forget that every time someone buys a MAGA hat, Trump gets a couple of bucks.

Everyone’s making a big deal about Joe’s age. But if Trump heads the GOP ticket, that issue won’t carry any water at all.

What’s next on the GOP hit list about Joe? They are actually trying to make a national campaign out of branding themselves as anti-woke, as if anyone even knows what ‘woke’ means.

I just finished looking at several focus groups which are conducted each month by a clever PR firm called Engagious, which builds political narratives by talking to voters who went for Joe in 2020 but voted for Trump in 2016. The focus groups are comprised of voters who are residents of ten critical swing states.

What’s interesting about this sampling effort is that with all due respect to the 150 million Americans who turned out to vote the last time around, Joe is sitting in the Oval Office because somewhere around 2% of those voters switched from red to blue in just a couple of states. And there is no reason to believe that going forward, the outcome of most national elections will be based on anything other than a relative handful of voters changing their previous voting decision in a handful of so-called ‘swing’ states.

What was the issue cited more than any other as the most important issue by a majority of participants in two of these Engagious focus groups? Mass shootings in schools. How many of the 14 respondents mentioned the economy? Two. How many said the most important issue was foreign affairs? One. How many were concerned about woke? None.

Two of the focus group members did raise the issue of age and said they would prefer to see both parties come up with younger candidates to head their tickets next year. But these respondents weren’t asked if they would abstain from voting or switch their vote back to the GOP if Joe once again heads the Democrat(ic) slate.

Incidentally, the fact that these focus groups are questioned about politics every month doesn’t necessarily mean that any of them have any idea of what they are talking about. Last night the NBC Nightly News interviewed several voters in Pennsylvania to get their feelings about Joe running again, and one of them, a young lady identified as being a small business owner, said she didn’t like Joe because he was ‘too extreme.’ She hoped the Democrats would go with a candidate who was more ‘mainstream.’

Get that one? Because I don’t.

Talking about mainstream, the good news is that Bernie Sanders announced this that he would not be a candidate in 2024, and to his credit he then endorsed Joe. Which means that all the so-called hostility towards Joe from the ‘progressive’ wing of the Democrat(ic) Party is going to quickly disappear.

I remember back when Obama started pushing the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and poll after poll showed sizable numbers of respondents who didn’t support the Act, numbers which were used by phony fulminators like Rush Limbaugh to proclaim that the proposed law would never pass.

What these polls never showed was that much of the opposition to the ACA came from people who didn’t think the new law went far enough! And I suspect that this is also what’s doing with those polls which show all these Democrat(ic) voters not supporting Joe.

What are these voters going to do on November 5, 2024? Vote for Donald Trump and four more years of being told that we are threatened by all those ‘illegals’ showing up from ‘shithole countries’ and trying to get in?

C’mon. Don’t be a cheap you know what.

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