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Good Riddance.

All day yesterday the liberal media was moaning and groaning about the fact that Trump was snubbing Biden on Joe’s special day. Didn’t invite him into the White House, didn’t leave him a letter (as if Trump could write a letter himself), didn’t do this, didn’t do that – blah, blah, blah, and blah.

Frankly, I’m glad Trump behaved the way he always behaves – a guy without any class. Want him to all of a sudden begin behaving the way he should have behaved over the last four years? Yea, right.

After Joe and Kammie are sworn in, they are going to visit Arlington. And they will be accompanied by Barack and Michelle, George and Laura, Bill, and Hillary. Jimmy is too fragile to make the trip.

Guess who’s missing? That’s right. He’s missing. Which is the way it should be because nobody wants him around. And the idea that he’s going to make a comeback and run for President in 2024 has about as much reality behind it as the idea that MAGA will replace the GOP.

Yesterday, CNN played a quick clip in which you heard those morons tramping through the Capitol yelling, ‘treason, treason,’ and ‘stop the steal.’ Between each brief clip you had those same words being said by Trump at some rally or another.

So, the Democrats now have a perfect video clip to use for 2022. The only video that will be even more powerful will show Steve Bannon talking to the crowd the day before the Capitol riot on January 6th.

As I’m writing this, Trump is standing in front of 200 people at Joint Base Andrews, reciting the same phony list of accomplishments that he recited yesterday in his so-called ‘farewell’ speech.

This guy just can’t stop patting himself on the back. Which is why I said above that he has no class.

Now he’s reminding his family and some campaign staff that they did a great job in making America ‘great’ again. It’s amazing how loud 200 people can sound when they chant ‘USA’ at the same time.

And here was his promise: “We will be back in some form.”

Maybe he’ll come back in the form of an AM-radio shock-jock. Or maybe he’ll come back as a pitchman for a new line of clothing or perfume. Or if we’re really lucky, he’ll start up a new law school and appoint Rudy Giuliani as Academic Dean.

Right now, John Bolton is telling CNN that they need to forget about Trump and start looking at Biden, for better or for worse. Which I can’t agree with any more. The only thing that made Trump even the slightest bit relevant over the past four years was the slavishly obsessive attention paid to his remarkably stupid tweets by the liberal media who treated his daily, digital invectives as if they were news.

There’s a great, split screen shot right now on CNN. On the left side is the church where Joe Biden is attending a prayer service accompanied by the Senate and House leadership of the Democratic Party and the GOP. On the right side of the screen is Air Force One rolling past a pathetic clump of about 20 spectators who are still mingling around.

Trump’s presidency was a reality-TV show with him playing the lead. Know what happens when a television series goes off the air? It’s forgotten immediately except for the reruns which occasionally appear. Trump is now a rerun, okay?

I don’t think Trump is staying away from the inauguration because he can’t bring himself to admit that he lost the election fair and square. I think he’s left town ahead of the ceremony because he knows that nobody wants him around.

By the way, notice the huge crowd of patriots getting ready to charge up the Capitol steps and prevent Joe from taking the oath?

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