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Her Again?

This story may only reflect the fact that it’s a weekend and the government is shut down so there’s no real news. Plus, the hurricane has blown through the East Coast, so we’re done with that one, and Putin hasn’t yet dropped an A-bomb on Ukraine, and the Walker campaign is very quiet because they don’t know what the fu*k else to do.

So, we end up with a story built around an interview with Dick Morris, a political consultant who is even more brazen and self-promoting than Roger Stone, if that’s possible to believe.

Morris was interviewed on an alt-right network, Newsmax, which is where all the spielers hoping to get a contract with Fox News hang out, during which he claimed that Hillary is getting ready to launch another Presidential campaign.

Did Morris actually talk to Hillary about her future plans? Of course not. He’s just picked up on a couple of comments she’s made recently, and they fit with his new book on Trump that he’s trying to promote.

Morris, you should know, claims to have been a ‘behind the scenes’ campaign consultant to Trump in the 2016 campaign, which means that if he actually did talk to Trump in 2016, it was because Trump talked to anyone and everyone about anything at all, a behavior characteristic which hasn’t changed.

For that matter, the idea that Hillary will somehow find the wherewithal to run again is a behavioral symptom that maybe Hillary is unable to repress, in the same way that Trump just can’t stop talking about how he’s coming back in 2024.

The more I think about it, the more I think that Trump and Hillary are cut from the same cloth. Neither of them seems to be able to distinguish between a truth and a lie, both of them can and will invent whatever they need to invent to deflect any criticisms away from themselves.

Know why Trump lost the 2020 race? Because the Democrats stole all those votes. Know why Hillary lost in 2016? Because the Republicans got together with the Russians and stole a surefire win away from her.

Think I’m kidding? Read the first chapter of Hillary’s book What Happened, where she explains how her 2016 campaign staffed by the best, smartest, most experienced and hardest working campaign staff of all time was derailed.

And now it turns out that Hillary’s one-time assistant, Huma Abedin, has been hired by MS-NBC which has to mean that Hillary’s making sure that her ‘best and brightest’ will be in the places they need to be when she announces a run in 2024.

Abedin celebrated her new media gig by saying in an interview that Hillary couldn’t win in 2016 because she was a woman and women still face much higher standards than men when it comes to playing the political game.

So now we have the ‘official’ Clinton argument that will be used to explain her loss to Trump. The fact that Trump beat her by flipping three states by less than 2% of the total votes cast in those three states which, by the way, were states that Hillary couldn’t be bothered to visit in 2016,is simply ignored by Hillary and her sycophantic staff-in-waiting like Huma Abedin.

In this country, when someone loses a national political race, a whole bunch of people who would have been employed for at least the next four years have to go out and find other jobs. But the one thing they all keep doing is to stay in touch with each other and also stay in touch with the boss.

Because in America, with the exception of Dick Nixon, nobody ever quits the political game. Nobody ever resigns the way that politicians in parliamentary countries like Italy and France resign all the time.

So even though Hillary has said that she won’t run again, there’s as much truth behind that statement as the statement her husband once made about not getting a pipe job from Monica Lewinsky when he was in the Oval Office talking on the phone.

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