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Here's a Great New Job for Trump.

              I fucking told you so. I predicted last week after Joe’s SOTU speech that the polls were going to change because the polls which until then showed Trump ahead, basically reflected that he has been in full-campaign mode for the last couple of years, and Joe has just begun his re-election campaign this month.

              Now of course when a poll has the gap between two people within what is called the ‘margin of error,’ then basically the poll shows a tie. And all three polls which this week gave Joe a slight lead just had at most a couple of points between him and Trump.

              But, and it’s a very important but, in the Civiqs/Daily Kos poll, Joe’s numbers went up slightly from the last poll, Trump’s numbers stayed the same. The Reuters/Ipsos poll also gave Joe a tiny edge when two weeks ago the same poll had Joe ahead by 6 points.

              Meanwhile, Trump is also facing a serious cash crunch in coming up with the bond he needs to protect his assets while the New York State fraud case goes through the appeal. The vultures, so to speak, are beginning to circle around various chunks of Trump real estate, and I suspect by the time I post this column that Trump will already have received some low-ball offers on 40 Wall Street, Trump Tower, and a couple of other sites.

              Remember what I said the other day about Trump winding up washing off front car windshields on the corner of Madison Avenue and 72nd Street?  He’ll actually do better if he goes down to lower Manhattan and stands alongside the Canal Street entrance to the Holland Tunnel at 5 P.M.

              Actually, I think that Trump would do a good job if he were given a payroll position by New York City to serve as the official greeter for the more than 800,000 folks who visit the parks and recreation facilities on Goevrnor’s Island, thee 172-acre island which first served as a military fortification beginning in 1795. Over the years, the island held various military and coast guard detachments, and eventually became the headquarters of the 1st Army until the base was closed down in 1968.

              The island even had a nice, 9-hole golf course which my wife’s father used to play on days when he came out to pick up my wife’s mother who taught in the grade school which enrolled the children of the military and coast guard personnel who lived on the base.

              After the military occupation of Governor’s Island ended with the closure of the coast guard base in 1995, the island ultimately reverted to New York City ownership, and at some point when Rudy Giuliani was Mayor, his good buddy Donald Trump made an offer to buy or lease the property and turn it into a combination of high-rise housing, fancy boutiques and, of course, a bunch of fancy-schmancy retail stores.

              Luckily, the City Zoning Commission turned down Trump’s plan, I suspect because typical of Trump, he wanted the deal at a bargain-basement price. Ultimately, Governor’s Island was tuned into a public park with ballfields, tennis courts and nice walking trails.

              Maybe what should happen is that after Trump is convicted of stealing classified documents, planning the January 6th riot, and promoting that crazy fake electors’ scheme in various states, his prison sentences could be commuted and he’ll be allowed to wander around Governor’s Island, shaking hands with everyone and making sure that his ankle bracelet is on nice and tight.

              Think I’m kidding? Remember my story about seeing John Mitchell stumble across Wisconsin Avenue in D.C. with a dog leash in one hand and a quart of milk in the other?






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