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Here We Go Again: Trump Starts Another Losing Campaign.

So, Trump showed up at a rally in Georgia and the crowd was somewhere around 20,000 adoring fans. How did the media cover the event? They way they always cover a Trump event – by counting how many lies he told. He lied about this, he lied about that, the 2020 election was a fraud, blah, blah, blah, and blah.

Do you honestly believe that anyone in the crowd gave one rat’s damn as to whether or not one word that came out of Trump’s mouth was true? Do you honestly think that people come to his rallies because they really want the 2020 election to be done over again?

The only people who have the slightest interest in what Trump says or doesn’t say are the people who constitute what I am going to call the ‘political class,’ and most of those folks don’t care about what Trump, or for that matter, what any other politician has to say.

Who exactly are members of this political ‘class?’

First and foremost are the people who earn their livings or part of their livings by receiving salaries from public, as opposed to private employers. For all the talk about how America isn’t a ‘socialist’ country, even though the hated Democrats are trying to impose Socialism on everyone else, more than 15% of the national workforce are paid by federal, state and local governments, which happens to be the highest percentage of ‘public’ employees of any country in the entire world.

And that number doesn’t count what is probably the same number of people who hold a full-time job in the private sector but also earn a buck here and there by doing part-time work for a public agency supported by tax dollars ‘donated’ by you and me. Where do you think that guys who come by and plow the roads after a snowstorm come from? Think they are out there because of the goodness of their hearts?

Where do you think the people come from who go around from time to time and test to make sure that the street light that you drive underneath on your way home is working or not? Want to see how local roads in England or France are lit up at night? Take the M40 out of London some evening, drop off at Lewknor, and then drive the last ten miles up to Oxford on B480 and count the lights illuminating this road. Here’s the number: None as in zero, okay?

This is the only country in the entire world where you can drive from one coast to the other, and as long as you don’t take a detour up to Flint, you can stop at any point along the way and drink from the water coming from a spigot in the sink in any public toilet. This is the only country in the entire world where you can walk into any store which sells fresh meat and be pretty much guaranteed that the meat has been inspected and approved for human consumption.

We take for granted a level of public service in this country which exists nowhere else. We don’t even think about it except when we are asked to approve some bullshit tax measure that helps pay for a new school, or a new ‘public safety complex,’ or a ‘new’ this or a ‘new’ that. And even if we vote it down, it ends up being built anyway, thanks to the pass-through of federal funds, a.k.a., revenue-sharing, that was invented by that evil genius, a.k.a., Richard Nixon, after he ‘stole’ the Presidential election from Hubert Humphrey back in 1968.

In addition to the people who comprise the political class because they work for a public paycheck full or part-time, we also have people like me, who thanks to the internet, have become part of a vast communications and commercial network which goes far beyond anything that used to carry news about politics in newspapers, radio or TV.

I haven’t started selling a ‘Love the Fake News’ t-shirt yet or set up a GoFundMe account to collect monies to feed all those unfortunate people trying to get into this country because they come from places where there isn’t enough to eat. But how long would it take me to set up a Facebook group with a little ‘donate’ button on the front page?

I love how Trump is no longer making America ‘great’ again, because that slogan has become slightly besmirched by the dopes who ran up the Capitol steps on January 6th. Now he talks about ‘saving’ America. I guess this means saving us from the immigrant hordes, saving us from the tax-and-spend Democrats who are just Socialists in disguise, saving us from the people who are already planning to steal next year’s election as well as Trump’s re-election in 2024.

Know what? I hope the GOP actually does win back one or both houses next year. Because if they do, their triumph will be short-lived. They will have a one or two-seat majority which means nothing will get passed that will mean anything at all.

More important, this victory will make Trump announce his candidacy for 2024 and he’ll get his ass kicked in again. Right now, he’s not the first President to lose a re-election campaign, but he would certainly be the first President to lose a re-election effort two times, not just once.

But if Trump runs and loses in 2024, what will I do with all those ‘I Hate Trump’ t-shirts that I won’t be able to sell online?

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