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Hey Trump and Rudy - Here Comes Elon Musk!

When did Donald Trump decide that the results of the 2020 election were a fraud?

He certainly had some help from Scumbag Roger Stone who ran ads in 2016 asking people to donate to the Trump campaign, with the following text: “If it’s a close election, they’ll try to steal it.”

Well, it was a close election, indeed very close. But Trump won, so there was no reason to say anything more about election ‘fraud.’

But 2016 was only six years ago. There’s another guy out there who has been Trump’s lawyer on and off for the past six years, and he started accusing the Democrats of stealing elections in – ready? – 1989!

That’s right. Rudy Giuliani first ran for Mayor against David Dinkins in 1989 and lost by somewhere around 50,000 votes.

Why did Giuliani lose? Because according to him, “some people voted eight to ten times.”

Incidentally, four years later, Giuliani ran against Dinkins again and this time won the election by roughly the same 50,000 votes. So did all those voters who cast eight to ten ballots for Dinkins in 1989 turn around and cast those same ballots for Rudy in 1993?

The bottom line here is that when Trump put Giuliani in charge of the ‘Stop the Steal’ campaign, it wasn’t like this was something which came up on the spot. Let’s not forget that Trump was living and working in New York in 1989, and he and Rudy had already become fast friends.

According to Mike Pence, who has a book coming out in two weeks, Giuliani pushed the vote ‘fraud’ argument with Trump and used it to pitch himself as the guy who could lead the national campaign to undo the 2020 vote. The campaign got started with that crazy press conference in front of the Philadelphia landscaping company four days after the election which should have been the end of the ‘Stop the Steal’ nonsense right then and there.

What I still don’t understand is how something as stupid and bizarre as Giuliani’s performance that day could have become the capstone of a national political effort to inject a narrative into the contemporary political arena.

Don’t we have any standard for what constitutes valid political issues which need to be discussed, debated, and understood? I guess not.

And now we have yet another self-appointed asshole who just paid $44 billion to be able to shoot his mouth off to the millions of Twitter subscribers, which he immediately started doing by repeating a completely baseless story about how the attack on Paul Pelosi was somehow connected to some sordid goings-on in Pelosi’s personal life.

I hope that Musk reinstates Trump’s Twitter account because if he does, this would be the perfect opportunity for all the Trump haters (like me) to boycott Twitter and turn Musk’s investment into what Grandpa would call ‘drerd’ (read: crap.)

I love how everyone is all of a sudden concerned about the plethora of ‘disinformation’ being spread through social media. Those ads for vitamin supplements and ‘health drinks’ that pop up all the time aren’t disinformation too? The best one is how you need to convert all your assets into gold because otherwise you stand to lose everything in the coming economic collapse.

I guarantee you that if Elon Musk had been born in the United States, he’d be seriously planning to jump into the 2024 Presidential race. And don’t think that Rudy hasn’t tried to talk Musk into running for a Senate seat.

Because that’s what guys like Rudy do. They make themselves useful to guys like Trump which means telling guys like Trump exactly what they want to hear.

Which is why we continue to be barraged by demands from Trump to reverse the 2020 election results and make things ‘right.’

Which is why if we turned off our social media feeds, the world would be a quieter and nicer place.

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