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How Can Biden Lose Against Anyone From the GOP?

I have to give Orange Shithead credit for coming up with a narrative to explain why he’ll lose another election, this time an electoral contest which won’t take place for another 18 months. I’m referring to how Trump says that his trial in New York City based on a 34-count indictment for falsifying business records is set to open on March 25, 2024.

The last time he lost an election, Trump didn’t start making excuses until six months or so before the actual vote when the polls which showed him 6 or 7 points behind didn’t change no matter how many slanders and insults he threw at Joe.

This time around Trump isn’t whining about election ‘fraud.’ He’s calling it ‘election interference,’ a term which has no legal meaning whatsoever but once again casts Trump as the guy who is heroically standing up against the assault on America engineered by Soros and all the other Commie-Socialist-Liberal assholes who comprise the Deep State.

Not that he ever really had a governing agenda, but at least when he ran against Hills in 2016, Trump occasionally mentioned something about fixing the so-called trade imbalance, or modernizing the military, or something else besides keeping all those immigrants from ‘shithole countries’ out of the United States.

When Trump was asked during that bizarre, CNN Town Hall meeting to list the major issues on which he would run in 2024, he went into the same old, same old harangue about how the 2020 election was stolen from him and that the January 6th rioters were true ‘patriots’ who would all be pardoned once he was inaugurated in 2025.

I can just see Trump taking the oath on the East Portico of the Capitol with the QAnon Shaman, Jacob Chansley, standing behind him, wearing his horned helmet and waving a QAnon flag.

The reason that Trump continues to lead by a wide margin in all the polls about who the GOP will nominate next year is simply a reflection of how pathetic the rest of the GOP field is at this point in time. I mean, how do you take this bunch seriously when not one of them is willing to create even the slightest distance between themselves and Trump?

And now we have the latest bizarre move by that dipshit out of Florida, who is evidently going to announce his candidacy on Twitter, even though Elon Musk has made it clear that he’s not ready to endorse DeSantis, he just wants Twitter to be an ‘open forum’ where important issues can be discussed.

Ready for this one? Make sure you’re sitting down. Musk says he’s going to ‘interview’ DeSantis on Twitter, as if Musk has even the slightest background or experience in political reportage at all.

In other words, we’re now in a time when politics and political discourse has become nothing except total make-believe. In that respect, I have to give Orange Shithead some credit, because even though he didn’t answer a single question asked by Caitlan Collins on CNN, at least he allowed himself to be seated next to a professional media person with plenty of political reportage creds.

What creds does Elon Musk possess in political media or anything else even remotely connected to an upcoming national election to choose the next President of the United States?

And the fact that DeSantis is willing to let Musk share the stage with him for this dog and pony show only serves to underscore my judgement about the truly pitiful nature of the GOP 2024 candidate field.

Since I’m a yellow-dog Democrat, I even voted for Hills although I knew she was (to quote Grandpa) ‘no goddamn good,’ I’m more than happy to see DeSantis, Cruz, Haley, Scott, Hutchinson and the rest of those schlubs (read: stupid, moron, idiot, dimwit, imbecile from Merriam-Webster) chase around after Trump.

Because I’d have no problem if Trump ended up as the first, major party Presidential candidate to lose the popular vote for the third time.

Which is exactly what will happen if Orange Shithead runs again next year.

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