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How Can the GOP Be So Dumb?

As the various cases involving P01135809 and his gang of stooges moves towards open court, I still can’t get over how incredibly dumb these people seem to be. Someone in Hollywood has to be thinking about making a comic movie out of the behavior of this bunch, and if you want to see an earlier cinematic version of this kind of stupidity, I recommend you go out and buy a copy of the movie, Big Deal on Madonna Street, which was filmed and released in Italy in 1958.

The movie is about four what Grandpa would call ‘shlemiels’ (read: hapless idiots) who decide to rob a pawn shop by breaking through from an unoccupied apartment next door. Now none of these four jerkoffs (including Marcello Mastroianni in his first starring role) has ever committed a crime beyond petty theft, but they know ‘for a fact’ that they’ll pull this one off.

Of course, once they break into the vacant apartment, everything starts to go wrong. And being Italian, pf course, they have to take a break at some point, sit down, drink some wine, and eat whatever pasta and other food was left behind by the apartment’s residents who have gone away to the beach.

One thing leads to another, the caper ends when they blow up the stove and then scatter to the four winds. The flic ends with the cops trying to figure out who would break into an apartment just to have lunch.

How different is that movie from what we already know about the behavior of the bunch in Georgia who actually believed they could get away with inventing a whole crop of fake Electoral College votes, or the Michigan crew which believed the same thing, or the group which might get indicted in Arizona for the same thing?

But here’s the nuttiest thing of all. In Georgia and Arizona, Joe won by less than one-half of one percent of the total votes cast in each state. In Michigan, the winning margin was less than three percent.

Ready? Even if these morons had actually been able to send fake Electoral College ballots to D.C., Joe would still have been elected President because P01135809 would have had 265 Electoral College votes and you need 270 Electoral College votes to win the whole thing.

So, these schmucks not only got themselves being videotaped in Georgia while they tried to break into voting machines, but they all shot their mouths off in all three states and bragged about what they did.

Now maybe Giuliani and the other geniuses had plans to go into Wisconsin or Pennsylvania or some other state where the vote was close, but even if that were the case, what in God’s name did these shitheads really think they could accomplish which hadn’t been accomplished in the previous 232 years?

The one Presidential election which ever went to a vote in the House of Representatives was the 1800 contest between Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, and this contest only ended up in the House because at that time the vote for President and Vice President could be split on different party lines, a Constitutional requirement which was abolished by the passage of the 12th Amendment in 1804.

Notwithstanding the invasion of the Capitol building by those putzes on January 6th, what is remarkable about American politics is that with the exception of the Civil War, this country’s political system has been remarkably stable and free from the threat of violence for more than two hundred years. I love how the liberals have nothing better to do than to call P01135809 a Fascist, as if the stability and legitimacy of our federal government can be compared to the tenuous democracies of Italy in 1922 or Germany in 1933.

Sometimes I wonder if liberal know-it-alls like Robert Reich or Jason Stanley are as dumb or even dumber than the dipshits indicted in Georgia and Michigan who may soon find themselves joined by GOP dips from some other states.

In the meantime, if nothing else, the GOP’s latter-day version of Big Deal on Madonna Street is certainly providing us with plenty of entertainment and fun.

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