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How Come Everyone Hates Joe?

What is it about Joe which seems to be making his run for re-election look like he doesn’t have a chance? Here’s a guy who singlehandedly rebuilt the Western security system, ended the Covid-19 Pandemic, passed not one but two major pieces of spending legislation, presides over a national economy with basically no unemployment and most of all kicked the shit out of Trump.

And what does he get for all these efforts? Polling numbers which seem to be pulling him right down the drain.

Right now, the last 5 approval numbers for Biden were between 36% and 42%, the polls coming from Quinnipiac, CBS, CNN, Gallup and WSJ. Put these polls all together and FiveThirtyEight says that Joe’s approval on September 15 is 40.6%.

And what do these numbers mean for the Fake News? The guy’s too old, his running-mate is dumb, he doesn’t have the strength to carry on for another term, he needs to just quit.

I’m not sure why the Fake News is ganging up on Joe the way they do, but you would think that at least one of these liberal nay-sayers who should be out there kissing Joe’s ass and telling us what a great job he has done and should be rewarded with another term would at least take the trouble to compare his numbers to the previous guys who sat behind the Resolute desk.

Ready? Check this out. On the same day, in other words 969 days into their first term, here are the approval percentages for the previous six Chief Executives:

Trump – 41.2%. Obama – 43.8%, George W. Bush – 52.3%, Clinton – 48.0%, George H. W. Bush – 67.8%, Ronald Reagan – 45.3%.

So fine. Joe’s numbers are at the bottom of the heap, but he’s just a couple of points away from where Trump, Obama and – ready? – Ronald Reagan was sitting at the same point in time.

Which President sat at the top of the approval heap after 969 days of his first term? George H. W. Bush had a remarkable 67.8% on his 969th day in office. Remember what happened to him?

Yea, yea, I know all about Joe’s age. He’s 21 months older than me, and if someone walked up to me and told me I was ‘too old’ to get out of the house and work every day, they could to quote Grandpa ‘gai cocken’ (read: go fuck themselves.)

Joe has one thing going for him that none of the other Presidential wannabees on either side has going for them. In fact, nobody else in this respect is even close and I don’t see one Fake News pundit mentioning this at all, namely, the 2024 campaign will be the fifth national campaign in which he has been involved as a candidate, and so far he’s batting three for four.

The only other current Presidential wannabee who has been a candidate in three campaigns is Giuseppe Sconosciuto, the last name being the Italian word for ‘unknown’ (I stole that one from A. J. Liebling.) The only other current Presidential wannabee who has experienced two winning national campaigns is also Senor Sconosciuto, okay?

This newbie Ramaswamy is such a political dunce that he’s handing out baseball caps made in Mayanmar, a country which may have the most repressive, violence-prone military government anywhere in the world. Meanwhile, his website says that he’s selling campaign items made -where else? – but in the U.S.A.

These are the mistakes that people make who are running a Presidential campaign for the first time. Someone like Joe isn’t going to get bitten in the ass by something as stupid as this.

What none of the ‘I hate Joe’ liberal pundits have yet to point out is that Joe hasn’t really started his campaign yet. He seems to be having a good time selling his new coffee mug which stands that Brandon nonsense on its head, but that’s about it.

Joe’s been running for President since 1988. Most of the so-called political experts who are writing him off today were ten years old or less in 1988.

Go Joe!!

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