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How Come Joe Can Tell the Truth and Trump Can't?

On Monday, Joe was giving a speech in Milwaukee, and he was interrupted by a heckler. As a security team moved in because the guy wouldn’t quiet down, Joe told the team to leave the guy alone because “everyone deserves to be an idiot.”

So, we finally have it. You’re not necessarily a semi-Fascist if you like Trump, but you’re someone with limited intelligence, that’s for sure.

When all is said and done, I think that Joe’s comment really sums up what Trump has meant to the GOP and why he continues to resonate in certain places and with certain groups.

Here’s a guy – talking about Trump – who only stopped talking about the dangers of vaccines when he just couldn’t find enough idiots to get behind that point of view. And now we have a kid who has come down with polio because he wasn’t vaccinated, and maybe Trump will donate the money to buy the kid an iron lung.

The problem is that if the average IQ is between 85 and 115, this basically means that for every person who scores above average on the IQ test, there’s someone else who scores below average on the same test, i.e., from ‘borderline’ mental disability to complete and total idiocy.

This works out to somewhere around one-quarter of the American population, which is somewhere around 80 million, give or take a few million at either end of the scale.

Does that mean we have 80 million people who can’t figure out the basic things they need to know in order to raise a family, hold a job, or go into a booth and cast a vote? Of course not.

But it does mean that there really are lots of folks out there who, for no reason other than the genetic imprint with which they were born, don’t necessarily understand why when you add two and two together you get four.

Can this problem be overcome with sufficient education and training? Sure, except it usually means the affected individual needs lots of personal attention which may or may not be available in every school.

And don’t get me wrong. Lots of those schmucks who ran up the Capitol steps on January 6th or still show up at the increasingly fewer and fewer Trump rallies aren’t dumbbells at all. For whatever reason, they just like his rallies and what the Hell, eat some bar-b-q, listen to some country rock, it’s something to do.

On the other hand, here’s a guy, I mean Trump, who wouldn’t know how to say something true if his life depended on it, which thank goodness, it doesn’t. But when you say something which is so demonstrably false, like how Trump knew more about medicine than Anthony Fauci knows, then what you are really doing is insulting your audience because you figure they’re too stupid to figure things out on their own.

What I like most of all about Joe is he understands the difference between being polite and being politically correct. The latter means that no matter how stupid it sounds, you don’t feed your audience what you think they want to hear. Being polite means exactly what it means.

If Trump had been speaking and was interrupted by a heckler in the crowd, he would have told the audience to ‘get that sonofabitch’ or maybe he would have said something worse. Given Trump’s penchant for stirring up a crowd with threats and verbal abuse, for all we know he might have planted the heckler in the crowd himself.

Yesterday the first reported polio case in ten years was confirmed, the victim is a 20-year-old boy who wasn’t vaccinated against the disease. What this tells us is that if Trump wants to hang around in the political arena for a few more years, he’ll always get some support from the idiot crowd.

Please, please send Reverend Warnock a few bucks: Reverend Warnock for U.S. Senate (

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