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How Come the Fake News Hates Joe?

Yesterday, The Failing New York Times, which is the bellwether for the Fake News, published yet another article about how Joe has not only messed everything up, but is leading the Democrats into a November mess.

It doesn’t bother me when the alt-right media goes after Joe – that’s what they’re paid to do. But when I keep reading article after article from liberal spielers about how Joe isn’t the man we hoped he would be, and in many cases these articles are even more critical and nasty towards him than what comes out from the other side, enough is really enough.

For those of you who share the belief that Joe hasn’t done a good job, let me ask you a question: How would you feel if Trump had won in 2020 and was still in charge?

As far as I’m concerned, turning Trump into a one-term President by a margin that was greater than the margin that Obama won in 2012, is enough of a reason to support what Joe has done.

In fact, that’s the least of his achievements in less than two years. And when it comes to what Joe has managed to accomplish, here’s a partial list:

First and most important, he has restored dignity and decency to the office of the Presidency, something which Trump tried endlessly to degrade and besmirch. Remember Trump’s daily tweets with mis-spellings that even a 4th-grader would have caught? Remember the profanity and the insults aimed both at domestic political opponents as well as leaders of foreign nation-states? Remember all those ‘shithole’ countries? Want a few more?

Second and just as important, Joe restored science, medicine, and professional expertise to where these elements belong – not as things to be derided and blamed, but as the necessary and required requirements for running a modern government. Here’s a guy who had no problem with a senior White House counselor who promoted the idea that government could be managed by using ‘alternate facts.’ Here’s a guy whose very first statement made by his press officer about the size of the crowd at his inauguration was a bald-faced lie. Want a few more?

As for diplomacy and foreign affairs consider this: In less than two years Joe has managed to reaffirm and reinvigorate an Atlantic alliance which Trump did everything he could to dismember and destroy. Imagine what would be going on now in Ukraine if Trump were sitting behind the Resolute desk and telling us that Putin’s invasion was just a mistake?

Last but not least, let’s remember that Trump played the racist card every chance he got, by standing up in front of a police convention and joking about arresting someone while at the same time bashing them over the head, or maybe you’d prefer to remember how it took him four days to say anything at all about the murder or George Floyd.

And by the way, along with everything else, we should always believe that Trump was correct when he said there were ‘good people’ on both sides.

Want to blame Joe for sloshing a few words here and there? Want to blame him for giving ground on issues like college tuition rebates and gun control? Want to blame him for the ‘ruinous’ inflation which has pushed gasoline higher than ever but meanwhile the roads on weekends are clogged?

Go right ahead. If it makes you feel better to tell everyone that the blue team needs fresh leadership for 2024 or that Bernie is the right guy at the right time, that’s fine.

The reason for the negative appraisal of Joe by Fake News is very simple. Without someone as loud, as obnoxious, as profanely stupid as Trump in the Oval Office, traffic to Fake News websites and blogs must be way down.

After all, during Trump’s four years at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, the Fake News didn’t have to do any real reporting or digging for stories at all. They could sit back, wait for some tweets from Trump, get a response from a member of the blue team, and meet their deadlines every, single time.

The real problem with Joe is that he wants his friends in the liberal media to actually behave like reporters and journalists which hardly any of them have ever done since social media became the way most people get their news.

Good for you Joe, good for you.

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