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How Come the Fake News is Pro-Trump?

              So, yesterday the Fed announced that the consumer price index rose a whole, big 2% over the rate a year ago, basically meaning that the ‘ruinous’ inflation has come to an end. And the report noted that prices actually fell last month, with the decrease particularly noticeable in consumer items and food, which are the big-ticket items as we hit the year-end holiday season.

              Now, you would expect that a report like that would be given a big play by the Fake News media, particularly when it also turns out that consumer sentiment has turned decidedly positive during what is always the most important retail buying period of the entire year.

              Not only did this report escape any mention on last night’s NBC national news, but one segment had an interview with some lady about something or other, and at some point she mentioned that it was going to be a tough holiday season for her family because prices for ‘everything’ were ‘sky high.’

              No wonder the polls keep showing Joe three or four points behind Trump. And by the way, Joe’s numbers are even worse when respondents are asked how they feel about whether the economy would be managed better by him or by Trump.

              I have been convinced all year long that the liberal Fake News has it in for Joe and would much prefer to see El Trumpo back in the Oval Office in 2025. I’m not sure all the reasons for this crazy state of affairs, but I suspect it has to do with two things: (1). Trump always lights up the media in a way that old, boring Joe can’t do; (2). Joe just doesn’t seem inclined to sit down and engage in a one-on-one with any of the media big mouths, whereas appearing on media broadcasts and productions was the only thing that Trump ever did when he occupied the White House.

              We have really reached the end of the line when it comes to relying on the so-called media to deliver even a semblance of real news. Oh sure, they still can put together a report about some tornado in Arkansas or a rowdy passenger inside a jet plane, but that’s because they now use videos sold to them by some private individual who happened to be on the scene.

              But when it comes to political reportage, in particular anything that pops out of Trump’s big mouth, you would think that whatever he says just to get his daily dose of media attention is worth being covered as if it reflects any reality at all.

              Take Trump’s comment about how he will be a ‘dictator’ on Day One of his 2025 term. That’s news? That was worth being the headline on every goddamn media outlet over the following several days?

              That statement was nothing more than the usual Trump bullshit which we have been hearing now for eight years. But the way the Fake News reacted to this nonsense you would believe that Trump actually had a plan.

              It’s not bad enough that we get this crap from the national TV media, we’re also inundated by such crap thanks to social media as well. I can’t find the source at the moment, but yesterday one of the pro-Hamas noisemakers (or newsmakers) said she had been ‘threatened’ by pro-Israel activists who sent her numerous, angry, and profane emails, as well as posting nasty comments on her Facebook page.

              Someone sitting on the other end of the world who sends out an electronic message is now described as having made a ‘threat?’ Someone who puts some stupid emoji on my Facebook page (which invites everyone to respond, by the way) is going to show up at my front door, gun in hand?

              This is what communication within the human community has become – a contest to see who can say something that will get someone else to respond in kind. And the Fake News is just another example of what the traffic along the digital superhighway has become.

              Think that we now know more about what’s going on around us than what we knew when we communicated over long distances by sending smoke signals into the sky?

              Think again.



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