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How Come the Media Loves Trump and Hates Joe?

              How do I say what I need to say without sounding like someone who is trying to justify leaving the political party that he has supported his entire adult life? Because I’m not going to stop voting for the Democrat(ic) Party and for every Democrat on the ballot since I voted for the first time in 1968.

              On the other hand, I think it’s time for the Democrat(ic) Party to stop trying to play ball with the Fake News media, a.k.a., the liberal-leaning media like CNN, MS-NBC, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and all the other news organizations and companies which claim to be more blue-minded than red, because the way they have treated Joe has been an absolute and total disgrace.

              Want to pretend to be a ‘balanced’ news organization? Fine. But balance and bullshit aren’t the same thing, okay?

              Yesterday, the S&P closed at an all-time high, based both on the strength of the economy and the expectation that the Fed will cut interest rates again. Why did the Fed raise rates in the first place? To reduce to inflation rate, which had jumped up in response to the money which was pumped into the economy by the Biden Administration to respond to the Pandemic.

              Now the fact that many families were able to remain solvent in the aftermath of the virus thanks to Biden’s spending bills was somehow overlooked by the Fake News as it gleefully echoed the ‘ruinous inflation’ ranting of Trump and the GOP.

              And what we now have is the same Fake News giving endless, unquestioned space to Trump’s claim that ‘Bidenomics’ is a failure, even though the unemployment rate continues to stay under 4%.

              Know why the polls give Biden such low marks? Because the Fake News media is doing everything it can to promote the idea that he’s just no goddamn good.

              How do you think people form their opinions about anyone who’s in the news? They form their opinions by what they read and what they hear. Yesterday, Biden mentioned the name of a Congresswoman who he thought was attending a rally he held in North Carolina. Turns out he mis-identified someone else in the crowd. Big, fucking deal.

              How was this story reported? As another ‘example’ of Biden dementia because, after all, why should the President of the United States not be able to remember the name of every, single person who comes up to him and says ‘hello?’

              Know why the Fake News doesn’t like Biden? Because he refuses to kiss their asses. He doesn’t sit down every day for an interview, he doesn’t push out insane tweets on X, he doesn’t do anything except go about managing the Executive Branch which, by the way, is what the President is supposed to do.

              I am convinced the Fake News media would like to see Trump back in the White House next year because his presence behind the real Resolute desk creates and sustains their jobs. For all the talk about how Trump’s such a ‘threat’ to democracy, I don’t notice that a single federal court or federal agency or federal anything has been shut down.

              Here’s a perfect example of the fear-mongering that we get from the liberal political media, in this case a story from Salon: “By the time he left office, Trump had done irreparable damage to American democracy and its institutions….” 

              Why doesn’t Salon ask one of those 1,265 schmucks indicted for their January 6th behavior or one of the 378 of those putzes having spent or now spending time in jail whether they think that the government has been irreparably’ damaged by Trump?

              That’s right. Joe’s a bore and Trump’s the best thing that’s ever happened to the Fake News since Trump began calling the liberal media the ‘fake news.’

              But don’t worry. As Trump continues his slide into oblivion or jail or both, the Fake News will continue to find ways to prop him up. After all, that’s what ‘fair and balanced’ is all about, right?




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