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How Come the Polls Are So Bad for Joe?

So, once again we have the Fake News doing whatever it can do to promote Donald Trump as a viable Presidential candidate next year because if he were to disappear as a person of interest by the political media, the political media would disappear too.

I’m referring to a new poll released today by The (failing) New York Times, which shows Trump leading Joe in five of six battleground states which together would give Orange Shithead 300 electoral votes, and Trump wouldn’t have to send any fake electoral votes to D.C. this time around.

This poll was taken by 3,662 registered voters in six states – Nevada, Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin – with the Shithead losing out to Joe only in Wisconsin and only there by 2 points. In the other five states, the polls together had Orange ahead by 48 to 44 points.

Now since all these polls always have a plus-minus margin of 3 points, you could also read the results as showing that the two guys are more or less tied. And not only are they more or less tied, but they were more or less tied in those 6 states four years ago.

In 2020, Joe’s total popular vote in all 6 states was 12,742,397 and Trump’s total was 12,432,140. In other words, Joe won all 6 states by a margin of 50.6% to 49.4% against the Shithead and when you add in the third and fourth-party votes, Joe didn’t receive 50% plus one vote in any of those 6 states.

So, here we are, 13 months away from the 2024 election, Trump-o shoots his mouth off like a crazy man every day and gets more Fake News coverage than Joe gets and the difference in those 6 battleground states is just about what it was in 2020, which is no big deal either way.

But more important in terms of understanding how the Fake News is trying to make something out of nothing is what happens when you actually take a look at the specific poll numbers themselves, rather than relying on the Fake News to tell you what the numbers say.

And what I’m referring to is the second question which asked the respondents in these 6 states whether they were planning to vote in 2024. And this is really the crucial question because if someone doesn’t vote, it doesn’t really matter whom they like and whom they don’t like in some pre-election poll.

According to the poll, 84% of the respondents said they were ‘almost certain’ or ‘very likely’ to vote next year. Another 8% said they were ‘somewhat likely.’

Ready? In 2020, 66.8% of all registered voters came out to vote, the highest voter turnout in the 21st Century. So, what happened to the other almost 20% of the registered voters who said they were ‘almost certain’ or ‘very likely’ to vote next year?

I’ll tell you what happened. They didn’t show up in 2020 and they’re not going to show up next year because they never show up. They’ll say they are going to vote because that’s what you’re supposed to say. It’s like running to the corner, wolfing down two slices of pizza for lunch, and then saying ‘I hardly ate nuttin’ when you go back upstairs to work.

You’re not supposed to eat two slices with extra cheese and pepperoni for lunch, but you’re supposed to run out of the office, stand on some fucking line for an hour and vote. Yea, right.

We are the only democratic, one person – one vote system in the entire world which doesn’t give employees paid time off to go and vote. And the Republic(ans) are so fucking stupid that they’re opposed to early voting or dropping off ballots or any other expedient to make it easier and more efficient to vote.

I have lived in five different states since I first registered to vote in 1968 and I have never once, not one time ever heard of the Republic(an) Party holding a voter registration drive.

So, I’m going to take a pre-election poll seriously based on the idea that nearly everyone who responded to the poll will show up 13 months from now to vote?

Like I said above, I hardly ate nuttin’ for lunch. So, how come I’m still 25 pounds overweight?.

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